Jobe Mgwenya and Diana Khoza. Picture: Twitter

On Sunday, Our Perfect Wedding introduced us to Jobe Mgwenya and Diana Khoza from Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. 

The pair met in 2002 at a shopping complex when Jobe asked her out, but Diana turned him down.

Jobe was shocked to find out that she knew who he was before he even approached her. "I knew him because he was in a relationship with a girl who lived same street as me," said Diana.

And even though the spark was there, Diana had to turn him down. 

After a while of pursuit, Jobe asked her out again and she agreed. But the proof to her love had to be a kiss, which she delivered."That's when I knew she really loved me," he said.

The former professional netball player fell pregnant with their first child and Jobe asked her to choose between him or her career. "When it comes to her, I'm selfish and jealous," he said. "I want her by my side all the time."

After he got a job in 2005, Jobe decided they should continue living at his family home. Diana's family did not agree to that saying, "they thought he wanted to use me. They would say if he loved me for real, why can't he build us a home so we can live together."

One day, the family came to forcefully remove Diana from that family home but she couldn't stand living without him. A week was long enough before she went back to him. "He is part of my life. I can't live without him. He is my all," said Diana.

A lot of things changed for Diana while living under the Mgwenya roof. Coming from a home where she never went to church, she started tagging along with her now mother-in-law until she became a pastor.

Jobe proposed on Diana's birthday, and last night they got married on her birthday too.

The couple's theme was pastel colours, dominated by mint green and white, and with touches of silver and gold. 

Makoti (the bride) wore a dress all the way from Mozambique, a gift from her mother and paired it with a crown and minimal rose gold jewellery because, "I didn't want to be too silver my dress already has too much on it," said Diana. 

Diana had a rather strange request. "Please check if my husband cries or not. He said if he doesn't cry, that means the dress didn't touch him. If he doesn't cry, I'll go back and start afresh," she said.

And the husband, dressed in a blue suit paired with brown shoes, did indeed cry. "I became very emotional because she was so beautiful," said Jobe.

The bridal party was transported by a limousine and 49 other swanky cars to their destination. 

And did the girls not jump for their lives to catch the bouquet? Two women fell flat on their backs, well the other one dived down, only to miss it. LOLs

That was day one, which set the tone for day two, the traditional ceremony. 

Welcoming Diana into the Mgwenya family house, she was led by a group of singing women and by a young virgin. 

As it is customary, before the bride could be clothed in her full traditional attire, she was taken into the house to have the woman talk with the elderly - advising her on how to go about her new role of being a wife.

Then after, the celebrations continues. 

In the end, the couple were impressed with the cars the most, stamping on the words that "Pienaar became very small". "