Bonginkosi (38) and Duduzile (36) Ngubane. Picture: Twitter

For Bonginkosi, 38, and Duduzile, 36, Ngubane, both from Pietermaritzburg, their meeting was already set up for marriage. And in this particular episode of Our Perfect Wedding, Bonginkosi chose to walk his wife down the aisle, again. 

It all started six years ago, when Bonginkosi approached the pastor and told him he was ready to settle down with a lady he had spotted in church.

According to their church laws, he couldn't approach his future wife directly but could only do so via the church elders. 

"I described her (to the pastors) because I didn't  know her name," he said.

And after some prayers to get guidance from God, the pastor called Duduzile to meet with Bonginkosi after church to tell her the news. 

"I asked God if this man was really from him... and to put a spark of love in my heart," said Duduzile.

In November 2012, Duduzile accepted Bonginkosi's proposal. A month later Bonginkosi sent his family representatives to ask for Duduzile's hand in marriage.

"We've never really had time to get to know each other through traditional dating. We did everything within the marriage," said Duduzile.

The couple got married the following year in February and now have four children together, two of which they had from their previous relationships.

The slogan for their marriage has been, "happiness first and the rest shall follow". That is why they decided, five years later after their initial wedding, to renew their vows by staging a strictly traditional wedding.

"This day is very important to us because when we got married (initially), we promised that on our 5th anniversary, we would commemorate that day by inviting people to celebrate with us in the form of a big wedding," said Bonginkosi.

And a big wedding it was. 

For their traditional wedding the hall took on a Ndebele theme and was furnished with yellow, red and green colours with touches of isiZulu with clay pots and wooden placemats.

For their first attire, they both went strictly Zulu, with the groom dressed in 'ibheshu' and the bride in her traditional leather skirt. Before the couple left home, they prayed for their glorious day and went straight to the hall for their matrimonial. 

Bonginkosi chose not to have groomsmen but to be accompanied by his children while umakoti had four bridesmaids dressed in isiNdebele traditional attires. 

Even with the glitch of not getting their stretch tent where guests were due to be seated for their matrimonial, they said their vows, again, to each other under the halls terrain. The reception hall catered for 300 guests. 

Soon after that, traditional Zulu dancing ensued - all done in the name of celebrating. 

The couple changed into their second attire, a red traditional dress for the bride, dubbing it as her showstopper, and a red suit made from traditional material for the groom. 

The couple changed into their third outfit, this time the colours were yellow, and the day was celebrated with eating, speeches, gift exchanges, singing and some more dancing. The couple didn't share a smooch though. "For me, I don't think it's a good thing to kiss in public, in from of the kids and the elders," said Bonginkosi. 

All in all, their celebration went exactly as planned and the couple dubbed their special day as their "perfect Zulu wedding."