#OPW: Mrs and Mrs Lesomo say 'I do' against all odds

By Amanda Maliba Time of article published Dec 3, 2018

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Hope Kgatitswe and Bridget Lesomo's love story started at a gay pride event in March 2013. 

Their relationship started with a kiss at the pride parade and followed by many other moments of chilling together and sleepovers.

Though Hope was in a serious relationship with a man before she knew deep down that she had to be true to who she is, a proud lesbian woman.

"I have a six-year-old son from the previous relationship. And my aunt was the first person I told that was dating girls and she took it lightly," said Hope. But even though she was confident enough to tell her aunt, she was fearful of her mother.

But when she ultimately did, it was chaos. "My mother was livid as she didn't want to accept it," beating her as well in hopes that she will change.
After dealing with her own emotions, she accepted her daughter's sexuality, even though others within the family hadn't.

Her mother said, "I calmed down and thought to myself that gays and lesbians are God's children at the end of the day. God loves them, so why can't I accept my child?

"Even now, some disapprove, while others have accepted her. Some speak ill of them in the streets but we let them be ... people's opinion are irrelevant and we're happy," said the bride's mother.

Fast-forward to 2018, the Rustenberg couple are  ready to walk down the aisle after the realisation that complete each other.

Hope and Bridget wanted their wedding televised because it would be the first same-sex wedding (they know of) happening in Rustenburg. But also, "we want people to know that this thing is real. They must learn that women can get married to each other. Women can build a beautiful family," said Bridget. 

During their last-minute preparations, while shopping for dresses, Hope made a plea with the viewers to stop killing lesbians. 

"This is how we live, and we're not bothering anyone. We don't choose to feel the way we do, we don't wake up and decide to be lesbians, it comes from within and it hurts when we are being killed. No one takes us seriously, most people already think this wedding is an abomination," she said in tears.

On the wedding day, there were more fights to get their wedding back on track. The decor lady (Palesa), who showed them their beautiful table setting the day before, could not deliver the following day because she owed the supplier shop R1 700, she said, only to find out that the actual amount in areas is close to R3 500. That's when a fight ensued, bringing Nomsa close to tears.

Negotiations with the supply shop, headed by the Gomorrah Diba, had to take place, for them (supply shop) to release the items so the wedding can go on.
Due to the unforeseen mishap, they had to forsake their matrimonial venue and get married at the reception area. And their day wedding turned into an evening wedding, accompanied by a brass band.

In the end, the couple was happily joint as one, leading them to their traditional wedding the following day. 

Day two, the traditional wedding, had less drama and took place at Bridget's family home where Hope was to be welcomed as their new bride. 

The couple changed into their traditional attire and where dancing and celebrations took place. After the eventful two days, Bridget and Hope walked away as Mrs and Mrs Lesomo. 

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