Busisiwe Qiqimana and Evans Ramaano. Picture: Twitter
Busisiwe Qiqimana and Evans Ramaano. Picture: Twitter
Busisiwe Qiqimana and Evans Ramaano. Picture: Twitter
Busisiwe Qiqimana and Evans Ramaano. Picture: Twitter
Busisiwe Qiqimana and Evans Ramaano. Picture: Twitter
Busisiwe Qiqimana and Evans Ramaano. Picture: Twitter

Week two of her gracing our screens and it seems like Kayise Ngqula has won the hearts of many South Africans. 

This week, the OPW presenter led us to the north of Johannesburg in Diepsloot to witness the union of 22-year-old Busisiwe Qiqimana and 27-year-old Evans Ramaano who met at church. 

Busisiwe, a worshiper and the Bishop's daughter, was pursued by preacher Evans who was initially attracted by the young lady's voice as she sang. "I came to church just as a brother. Her voice attracted me and I was like 'wow I like this'", said the groom. 

After his first failed attempt of getting her attention, Evans convinced Busisiwe to teach him how to sing and he will teach her how to write poetry.

And over time, love sparked between the two. In 2015, Evans showed intentions of wanting to marry Busisiwe but the Bishop of the church, Busisiwe's father, did not agree. 

"He fought with me, I was so scared I even ran out of the church. I was angry," he said. Busisiwe on the hand felt her parents were protecting her. 

"It was very hard for me. 'How can my parents do this, I mean marriage is a good thing so they should be happy.' but as time went by I understood that I was young. 

Busisiwe Qiqimana and Evans Ramaano. Picture: Twitter

They were trying to protect me. Getting into marriage when I hadn't matured would hurt me in the future," said the bride.

Without letting all this dampen his spirit, Evans again, after some time, sent his representatives and this time around the bishop said God had confirmed that the timing was right. 

On their wishlist, the couple wanted perfect decor, two dance routines and the spectacular catering, all of which Kayise went around with the couple to check the progress. 

The decor and catering was done by a relative of the bride Xoliswa Qiqimana and their chosen colours were peach and gold.  

The matrimonial and reception would be hosted in the church, a very busy and complicated set up. But Xoliswa seemed to be in control of it all. 
The dance routine was choreographed by the bride's younger sister, saying it needed to reflect on how young the couple was. At the end of it all, everything seemed to be ready for the big day. 

The bride's boob tube dress, shown only on the day of the wedding, was full of bling, to which she said it showed off her love for pretty things, while the bottom part brought the drama that she loves. 

The bridesmaid all wore peach asymmetrical dresses, bought by the bride herself,  while the groomsmen wore black pants, white shirts and peach jackets. Evans looked like royalty, in a gold suit that reflected the Indian culture; to which he said he wanted to be unique. 

Another element added to their wedding were the bikes, which the groom thought added a spin to ordinary weddings.
While in preparation Busisiwe was put on the spot when asked by Kayise if she and Evans had kissed before. "It's a bit embarrassing because my mother is in the room. Every couple has kissed before so it won't be the first," she said.  

At the venue, the bishop seemed to be in control of everything, giving insight into everywhere, including how everyone should be let in. 
"They told her that they would assist her with the finances of our wedding. (So) I asked 'how about we got together and planned this wedding (together)?',  " suggested Evans.  

Onto the matrimonial, the couple said their I Dos, giving their own vows from the heart and Busisiwe sang for Evans just like the first time he saw her. Right after the ceremony the couple went to take their pictures at a park and then back to the church for their reception. 

While the pictures were being taken, guests got to grab their lunch and the couple returned wearing their traditional attires, with their tables transformed into a traditional look and their 7 cakes on display. A lot of dancing happened, the bride sang, again, and more food was served. Even though the cake broke the knife, yes it did, the day was dubbed perfect. 

"There was a lot of competition and many auditions. But through it all, I won, " said Busisiwe showing off her ring and thanking Evans. 
After the long journey, Busisiwe said she can't believe they reached their final destination. And together the couple declared, "This was our Blessed, graces, perfect wedding. "

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