This week's couple Nonkululeko and Njabulo on Our Perfect Wedding. Photo: Twitter

"Our Perfect Wedding" took a shot left on Sunday to KZN's Manguzi in Mhlabuyalingana. However, the wedding came with so many rules to accommodate the couple's culture and religion. 

The couple met in 2011 when Nonkululeko Tembe, 27, took a routine trip to the local shops, not knowing that she would meet her future husband, Njabulo Mkhumbuzi, 33.

Being traditionalists, the couple only courted in public spaces and got engaged at church.

"Her proposal was done at church. In our church, once you're in courtship, you have to promise the lady marriage. This shows the congregation that the relationship is moving forward," explained Njabulo.

And even without a lot of money on their side, the couple wanted to televise their wedding show the rest of the world that "you don't have to have a lot of money for you to get married, you just need to love each other," added Njabulo.

While the wedding preparations were underway, the bride was obligated to remain indoors. That is Rule number 1. 

"It was difficult to be being closed doors and not see anyone. Anyone who wanted to see me, had to come inside," said Nonkululeko.

She wore two different types of white dresses, one for their garden matrimonial ceremony and another for the reception. 

Their bridal party consisted of eight members in total, with the groomsmen donned navy blue and brown suits with pink ties, and the bridesmaids wore  peach and cream dresses. 

After exchanging wedding vows during the garden ceremony, the couple were still barred by church rules — as they could not seal it with a kiss. This is Rule number 2.

And even though the big day was marred by her mother's absence due to cultural requirements ( Enter Rule number 3), their wedding day proved to be a village spectacle, as hundreds of locals came through to celebrate with them. Hundreds who were not catered for. 

"Not everyone could fit in the hall. I was worried about people finding space," said Njabulo, while his wife hoped that the excess number of guests would not mind watching from outside. 

And with the many varying pieces of advice that come after tying the knot, how awkward was the speech given by the friend that the husband must buy Nonkululeko perfume? Hinting at something maybe? 

The garden service was followed by the gift ceremony between families. 

When Nonkululeko entered the groom's family home, she had to walk in carrying wood signifying her arrival.

And per culture, the families sang as they exchanged money at the gates, which was followed by a lot of dancing to celebrate the union.

At the end of that jam-packed day, the couple concurred in saying that, that was their perfect wedding. 

"Our Perfect Wedding" airs every Sunday evening on channel 161 Mzansi Magic at 7pm.