Ameer Cloete. Picture: Lisa Skinner

South Africa’s biggest baking TV show, The Great SA Bake Off, started this week, but sadly one contestant’s dream of becoming SA’s great baker was short lived.

Ameer Cloete, a Cape Town resident, who is currently studying a bachelor of Education was eliminated out of the competition after he failed to deliver a nostalgic butter cream icing.

“I’ve probably made this icing at home more than 50 times, unfortunately when you’re in a different environment things can change. 

I really tried to make it three times that day, but it never came right,” said the armature baker. 

Cloete’s  love of baking came from the sheer enjoyment of experimenting in the kitchen and finding out what works and what doesn’t.

He said he isn’t sad about his short-lived time in the kitchen, because he’s taken away many lessons and memories.

Ameer Cloete. Picture: Supplied

“I entered the competition not thinking that I was even going to make it through, so when I did get in I was extremely excited. I also knew that it’s going to be challenging for me because I am more of a pastry baker and not cakes. The other bakers were such great fun, and there was never a dull moment in the kitchen- I’ve made friends and memories,” said Cloete

Cloete baked his first cake a few years ago after a friend had told him that he had never had a cake for his birthday in his entire life.

“When he told me he didn’t ever have a cake for his birthday I was shocked. Everyone needs cake on their birthday, and that’s when I decided that I was going to bake a cake. It was also coupled with the fact that I did not have money to buy a gift. Now I bake for everyone’s birthday –and they love it,” said Cloete.

He said the experience of being on the show has made him realized that he has a passion for baking and not does not just do it a mere hobby.

Ameer Cloete. Picture: Lisa Skinner

“This is actually the start of my baking journey. I realize that it’s my dream to become a baker and I have lots of fun while doing the job. And if I get a chance to enter more baking competitions I will definitely do it,” he said.

* Catch The Great South African Bake Off weekly from Tuesday, 17 October on BBC Lifestyle (DStv 174) at 8pm.