Project Runway SA will be on our screens come Tuesday, July 10 at 9.30pm.

The Mzansi Magic show promises to be filled with creativity, tension and drama as aspiring fashion designers compete against each other to create runway-perfect garments restricted by time, materials, and theme.

Noni Gasa, a judge on the show, along with Rahim Rawjee, said her love for the fashion industry came by virtue of South Africa’s rich cultural heritage in which designers can draw from both local and international influences to create something uniquely our own.

“There is no such thing as "South African fashion", I think it's limiting to define us by our context rather than content. Young, emerging designers understand this and are visibly more inspired and fearless in their approach to simply create clothing they like,” she said.

She said fashion brings a visual language to culture.

“I’ll be looking for designers who understand that, through their talent, they have the power to make a compelling statement and to reflect the spirit of the times. Their designs need to have originality, wearability, commercial appeal and uncompromising quality. Technical skill is also important and so is a sense of identity. The most successful brands have crafted a signature aesthetic that's instantly recognisable and this goes a long way in boosting customer loyalty,” she said.

Tune in to Project Runway SA next week, and find out who gets the cut, and which 11 will remain.