Moshe Ndiki. Picture: Chris Townend

Every Wednesday Mzansi can tune in to watch the misfortune or fortune of those in seek of love.

On this week's episode of 'Uyangthanda Na,' a beautiful young woman named Fisani from Freedom Park in Pretoria approached our favourite matchmaker, Moshe Ndiki, to help her tell her love interest Sabelo that washwa waikepela ka (head over heels) for him 

Fisani was so invested in winning in heart that she spoke about how she's moving from #UyangthandaNa, to 'My Perfect Proposal' to 'Our Perfect Wedding.' 

Fast forward to date night, 'moghel' is sitting in front of this dude who looks like he's seen a ghost. He verbalised his concerns, namely,  he feels like she should have just walked up to him and told him how she feels as  they live a street apart and that he really didn't expect it to be her.

Another thing that kept just getting to me, is how she kept giggling after every sentence. I mean I can understand that she's nervous but... It was starting to look as though she's consumed quite a bit of laughing gas.

When she finally asked, if he loves her back, his response was magic.

“But you can’t just ask me such a thing?” he quizzed with a shocked look on his face.

While I was holding my breath that he’d certainly say no, he smiled a cute boyish smile and said yes.

Shew. Why do people do this again? Oh who am I kidding? It makes really good television.

Same time, same place next week?

See you there.

Uyang'thanda Na airs every Wednesday at 8pm on channel 161 Mzansi Magic .