Picture: Tiro Ramatlhatse

GENERATIONS: Nicholas calls in his father’s help. Zimbini’s pep talk manages to do what others couldn’t. Prince has more than one shock in store for Queen.

SCANDAL: Will Daniel finally take Stan to meet his maker? And can Eddie and Tino do anything to change Stan’s fate? Dorcas is happy that mother and son are finding their way to each other.

RHYTHM CITY: Miles tries to persuade S’bu to keep a low profile until he’s finished dealing with the BK group. Niki learns that Bra Solly hasn’t changed at all. Miles plays the tape exposing David’s murder to the world.

THE WILD: Marang’s health is not improving and Maxine takes advantage of the situation to get closer to Mama Rose. Someone at the lodge is charged with assault. Diksie’s ego is growing since she was appointed to the new position.

INKABA: Thuli tells Shakes that she agreed to be introduced to Mthetho’s ancestors. MK pressures Gus to get the tavern folks on his side. Kwezi helps Lira find a venue for her event and discovers the unexpected.

ISIDINGO: Eddie insists that Charlie seek professional help. McNamara gets closer to Barker, but then an unexpected curve ball complicates the situation. Sechaba begins to regret owing Zeb a favour.

7DE LAAN: Bernard faces the consequences of his part in the Bandeloos scandal. Diederik receives good news from his mother.

BINNELAND: Julia gives Gideon an earful about his attitude towards Martin. Sonja experiences two major setbacks. Charnay’s head is filled with stories on more than one occasion. Daleen tries to spare Quinton’s feelings.

MUVHANGO: Mapule gets the shock of her life. Thuli gets some good and bad news. Sizwe reconciles with Thivhulawi.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Steffy admits to Taylor that she had lied about Hope being in Aspen and her involvement in keeping Liam away from her. Hope runs into Liam and interrogates him about the state of his marriage.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Vivian thinks Mia is Carly’s daughter after remembering the picture Gus sent her of the two hugging. Carly is upset when Melanie won’t give her the time of day and tells Bo that her daughter, Melanie, hates her.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Phyllis’s Restless Style article sends shockwaves through Genoa City, as Adam attempts to apologise to Jack.

ALL MY CHILDREN: Aidan and Tad reach a dead end. Greenlee confides in Kendall. Cassandra and Jesse bond.