Silindile Nodangala plays Mam Ruby in Generations.

GENERATIONS: Patrick comes up with a crafty plan to get what he wants. Senzo unwittingly makes a situation worse by saying all the wrong things. Akhona decides Scott can go to hell, she’ll do things on her own.


SCANDAL: Daniel insists on getting all the answers he can in Dr. Letaba’s office, but isn’t prepared when he gets them. Anzani’s torn between defying her father again and breaking Lerumo’s heart, but Mmadika offers her an unexpected alternative.


RHYTHM CITY: Bash proposes a number-number scam to Niki to raise capital for his taxi business. Sifiso gives Reneilwe a brush-off. Mamokete goes head to head with Sis Bee for the church board position.

ISIBAYA: Mpiyakhe is drawn to Sunday’s homestead, but puts his life in danger once again. The pieces of Mimi’s investigation start to fall into place. Thandeka and S’bu grapple with their new reality.


ZABALAZA: David gets closer to Mthunzi, his plan seems to be working, despite the effect it’s having on his relationship with Neli. Lindiwe starts to help out at the factory.


ISIDINGO: The Deep is led to believe that Brad was responsible for the fight with Sechaba. Calvin prepares to leave for Europe, although it’s clear that he has not recovered from his kidnapping ordeal. Influenced by Sechaba, Zeb decides to keep his growing friendship with Eddie under wraps.

7DE LAAN: How long will Sifiso and Pulane be able to keep their relationship a secret? Bernard surprises Danelle. Emma gets the shock of her life when she arrives home.


BINNELAND: Rian tries to get Adler to change his mind, and At’s foul play may cost him a valuable member of the team. Daleen wants to confront Naomi about Nina, and Nigel has news about the Tonik personnel that he shares with Zadie.


MUVHANGO: A mysterious woman goes to visit Ranthumeng. Pat goes looking for Thuli. A journalist asks Mulalo some tricky questions about his wife’s tender.


THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam is enigmatic when Brooke pleads with him to leave Steffy and to choose a life with Hope. Steffy tells Taylor about seeing Hope and Liam together just before she left for Paris. She says she feels insecure about who Liam’s choice may be.


DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Vivian is delighted to hear that Brady took the company out from under Victor. Sami gets a call from Lucas asking that Allie come to visit him in Hong Kong. Impostor Rafe tries to have Allie kidnapped but Sami interrupts with the news from Lucas. Chad agrees to be EJ’s best man.


THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Chelsea confronts Adam. Lilly and Cane are surprised by shocking news. While Michael informs Gloria that his marriage has fallen apart, Carmine tells Lauren he can’t let her go.



THE DEL MONTE DYNASTY: Pedro follows Julieta to the clinic and she is forced to tell him about her tumour while Emilio challenges Jose to a target shooting competition.


FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Bianca makes Mademoiselle’s life a living hell. Flavia confronts Salomon as he believes she was the one who sold the picture of the wedding.


CRUEL LOVE: Daniela goes to desperate lengths to get closer to Antonio, while Rocky tries to win over Sofia.


BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Javier asks Andrea, Diego and Karen to help him commit Pilar to a psychiatric facility.