GENERATIONS: Kenneth seems to trust Dineo… or does he? The Dlomo brothers fight it out in public. Jason enjoys seeing his enemy on his knees. Isabel tells Ngamla she’s not for sale. Patrick issues a grim warning to a man he doesn’t trust. Broken-hearted Lebo tells Prince to go to Italy.

SCANDAL: Shakira is set up to do a big bust, but can she pull it off? Kila meets with someone who could make or break his future. Bronnie raises eyebrows when she insists on pursuing her project.

RHYTHM CITY: Niki tells Suffocate that she’s tired of the drama and tension. Lerato is very pleased with herself and her new status, until David allows someone to humiliate her publicly.

ISIBAYA: Mpiyakhe and Shadrack have a vision for the taxi business. Zweli makes a discovery. Mbodla finds proof that could rattle Iris’s cage. Sunday gets his cellphone. The wives have to be persuaded about their trip to Joburg.

ZABALAZA: Gasta can’t find Beauty. Ray and Kenny continue to scheme. Waka, Moss and Qiniso try to bring comfort to Mthunzi but he just wants to be left alone. Ntsika and Mbali close in on Thabo.

ISIDINGO: Ben gets caught up in the war between AK and Barker. Lincoln tries without success to get Katlego to do the right thing. Hamilton, a man of many moods, invites Sechaba and Lerato to lunch.

7DE LAAN: Nadia feels down in the dumps as the full implications of her situation finally sinks in. For the first time since Antoinette’s death, Ty meets a girl that interests him.

BINNELANDERS: Zadie wants to tell her aunt the truth, and Frankie might have a new problem when Adelyn has something to say about the situation. At discovers more things about Margot’s past. Wimpie raises Ilse’s suspicion about her grandfather.

MUVHANGO: Khomotjo goes in search of the dangerous and elusive Taxi Driver. Simon grows impatient with the family’s refusal to allow him to join MMC. James comes down hard on Busi.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Taylor puts a major damper on the birthday party that Katie is throwing for Brooke when she announces that the guest of honour had an affair with Bill. Thinking that Taylor is trying to stir up problems, Katie refuses to believe that her sister and her husband would betray her.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Bo has to take Hope off the case because the DA has contacted Abe. Bo tells Hope that he hopes the impostor will only talk to her and they will have reason to reinstate her. Kinsey tries to befriend Nicole. Victor worries about what Sonny will have to face when he tells them he is gay.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Adam struggles with the weight of his secret, while Kevin tries to support Chloe as friends and family gather to honour Delia. Hilary is shocked by Neil’s offer while Sharon comes to an important realisation.


FEARLESS HEART: Childhood friends Samantha and Ángela meet again after many years at the funeral of Ángela’s father, Miguel, and make a promise to each other.

SOMEONE’S WATCHING: Matilde is upset and tells Julián what Commissar Zanetti told her. Piedad is called by the adoption centre and begs Rodrigo to accompany her there.

ELENA’S GHOST: Montecristo insists Elena gives him a chance to prove how much he loves her. Lucia discovers that Milady is Michel’s secret girlfriend.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Isabel visits José Manuel and offers to take him home. Ignacia informs Gina and Margarita that Pedro was denied bail.

CRUEL LOVE: Gonzalo tells Sofia what he found out about the sale Rocky negotiated with Fernando Valdiri. Antonio asks Miranda to marry him.