GENERATIONS: Zodwa refuses to believe what the scan shows. Queen wants to buy Patricia out. Noluntu starts scheming after a friend confides in her. Isabel gets an unexpected kiss.

SCANDAL: Shakira finds a way to use a situation to her advantage and to finally rid herself of an enemy, while Lucas comes face to face with his worst nightmare. Anzani discovers Dorcas has an interesting past.

RHYTHM CITY: Lucilla agrees to Miles’ request that they take Buhle to a doctor. The attraction continues to build between Gail and Big Man. Kop is ill, and Mamokete tells him he needs to hire a helper.

ISIBAYA: Josie organises a meeting at the Market Theatre. Mandla consults Bongani about an important matter. Will Fezile and S’khaleni bury the hatchet? S’khaleni and Ntandane are suspicious of Pam. Mandla has a solution for his problem.

ZABALAZA: Thembi speaks her mind, with dire consequences. Thabo is given an ultimatum. Moss and Qiniso take up a new job, but a strict eye will be watching their every move. Gasta is under increased financial pressure.

ISIDINGO: Lincoln stuns the rest of the family with his decision on Amu’s future. Ben’s attempts to drive a wedge between Charlie and Brad hit a snag. Sechaba’s suspicions that Lerato is cheating on him are finally vindicated.

7DE LAAN: Irma and Sonja’s finances become a bigger and bigger problem. Oubaas gets upsetting news about Hilda. Sonja is shocked by her father’s reaction when she asks him for money to pay for a scan.

SKEEM SAAM: John Maputla drops a bombshell on his family. Kwaito’s plan for a night with Rachel runs into numerous obstacles before it gets off the ground. Ma Kunutu’s car is repossessed, beginning the downward spiral she’s been fearing would come.

BINNELANDERS: Tertius struggles to diagnose the problem, and everyone expects the worst. Frankie and Adelyn are both devastated by the state of their relationship, but Karli can’t help but be honest about how she feels. Pippa’s involvement with Dokter-Dokter is not taken well by the main star of the show.

MUVHANGO: Moriti plants a seed of doubt in the mind of the only person willing to fight for Khomotjo. Borosi is not content with his brother’s will. Thuli finds out that her arch enemy is back in town.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill learns that he has a lot in common with his son, Wyatt. Meanwhile, Liam is suspicious of Wyatt. Katie does some snooping around to find out if Bill and Brooke’s affair is really over.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Maggie dies on the operating table. Rafe sees a condom fall out of Will’s wallet and confronts him about his intentions with Gabi. Later, Will tells Gabi what happened and tries to surprise her with a night at a hotel. Rafe figures out where the shooter was standing.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Chelsea and Adam have a heated argument and Jill is troubled by Katherine’s legacy. Ashley surprises the Abbott family with a visit for the holidays, while Nikki attempts to connect with Dylan.


BROKEN ANGEL: Inés asks Vicente if Santiago has a girlfriend, but Vicente says he knows nothing about his personal life. Santa and Humberto’s wedding day arrives.

MY HEART BEATS FOR LOLA: Diógenes installs surveillance cameras in Lola’s bedroom. Andrés travels back to Los Angeles to stop the wedding.

FEARLESS HEART: Darío tells Samantha he wants her to be in charge of all his enterprises. Fernanda tells Vicente that she has given the order to kill Génesis.

SOMEONE’S WATCHING: Camila tells Benjamín they can no longer see each other. Pedro Pablo tells Lola that he does not believe that Lucy is really pregnant.

ELENA’S GHOST: Doctor Ronald insists on placing Elena in a psychiatric clinic but Eduardo wants to talk to Elena alone before making a decision.