Silindile Nodangala plays Mam Ruby in Generations.

GENERATIONS: Khethiwe is scandalised by what she sees in the newspaper. Patrick finally gets his revenge on Xolani. Cosmo is intrigued when a powerful player shows up at the fight.

SCANDAL: When Kila fails to make the payment, Jafta makes an unnerving declaration. Shakira bags a story which looks set to send Scandal! sales sky rocketing.

RHYTHM CITY: Lerato is panicking about her big performance at Kilowatt. David is slightly freaked out when Jimmy proves himself to be an enthusiastic killer. DH learns that Wu is dead.

ISIBAYA: The family travel to the valley. Jabu tries to get the information they need. Fezile interrogates Sandile.

ZABALAZA: Lindiwe discovers a surprisingly large amount of money of a friend’s account. David thinks this information might help his own investigation. Then as Thabo’s trial approaches, David reveals a secret to Nandi.

ISIDINGO: Julian decides it is time he got what he is owed and Frank gets the call to action. Bradley deals with the fallout from his provocative apology the previous day. Zeb finds that his venture into social media makes life potentially complicated.

7DE LAAN: Gita realises she will have to tread warily around Ty. A stroke of good fortune comes Koot’s way. Ty comes to the wrong conclusion about Wessel and Bonita.

BINNELAND: Zadie’s good intentions land Naomi in trouble, Delia tries to garner support and Franz makes a discovery that could influence Binneland’s future.

MUVHANGO: Lerumo tells Khomotjo what he has decided to do. Teboho gets a nasty surprise. Vho-Makhadzi insists that Susan be stripped of the regency.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill finds out the hard way that Katie has put an end to his drinking. Pam goes out of her way to be there for Eric while he’s grieving, but she learns that she is doing more harm than good. Brooke appears to have changed her tune in regards to the support that she once lent to Hope and Liam’s relationship.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Impostor Rafe freaks out when Allie tells him he bought the wrong cookies. Sami seeks advice from Kayla about Rafe’s behaviour. EJ warns Rafe not to mess around with information. Rafe gets the upper hand with Marco and knocks him out and takes his keys. Taylor turns down a job offer from Brady.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: A scandalous secret is revealed and Michael faces off with Carmine. The consequences of Summer’s party leads Nicki to take a drastic decision, while Kyle makes a shocking confession to Jack.


THE DEL MONTE DYNASTY: Guadalupe, Beatriz and Armador’s performance is a success but Gaspar is enraged. Julieta succumbs to her dark side.

AURORA: Lorenzo finally discovers the truth about Sebastian and why Aurora was separated from him. Vicky finds herself in grave danger from Diana.

CRUEL LOVE: Camilla refuses to allow Sofia to work at the company. The neighbourhood receives the eviction notice. Camilla continues to try and make Sofia’s life miserable.

MY HEART BEATS FOR LOLA: As Lola attempts to make her way out of the cabin, Andres finds himself in danger trying to rescue her. Soledad leads the police to Angel’s cabin.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Javier takes Rebecca to the psychiatric facility and leaves Gonzalo with Adolfo, who reveals a terrible secret. Pilar is worried when she cannot find Rebecca.