Sello Maake ka Ncube, who plays the cunning Daniel in Scandal!

GENERATIONS: Khethiwe is angry when Mary arrives unannounced. Akhona realises she didn’t know her mother at all. Ngamla looks for solace in a very unexpected place.

SCANDAL: A member of Bronnie’s family reaches a major turning point, but the question of who is best suited to take care of her still lingers. The actions of the NFH board prompt Thembeka to make a somewhat outrageous suggestion to Quinton. Charlie rejects Ndumiso and Sarafina’s big ideas.

RHYTHM CITY: David gets Gail to fish for information about DH through Lucilla and Stefanie tries to convince DH to let go of his revenge scheme. Victoria struggles to keep up with Miles’ lifestyle.

ISIBAYA: Sandile makes a shocking discovery. Tony makes inroads with one of the Ndlovus. Mkabayi deals with Iris, the only way she knows how.

ZABALAZA: Jazzman instructs Herbert to spy on an associate. Gasta finds out about Moss’ scheme. Can Jazzman bring himself to apologise when he is faced with the truth?

ISIDINGO: Barker plots to sever the last ties that bind Bradley to his father. Frank tries to ensure that Calvin’s documentary doesn’t see the light of day. Agnes does all in her power to make sure Zeb sticks to his exercise regime.

7DE LAAN: Will Paula succeed with her plan to matchmake Matrone and Koot? Is Marko finally going to pop the question to Emma? Pieter receives fantastic news.

BINNELAND: Vivienne causes more problems for the Bassons. Franz is under pressure – and not for the reasons everyone thinks. Gideon warns Rian and Delia about Marlien, and a much-loved couple look like they are drifting apart. At is worried about the future of Binneland.

MUVHANGO: The family is very cross with Mulalo and Susan. Teboho is thrilled to get rid of Shonisani. Khomotjo tells Tumelo how she plans to win over Lerumo.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Bill tries to clear his name of any fault with his family concerning Caroline’s accident, but suspicion still hovers over him. Furious that Caroline’s life was in danger, Rick restrains himself while confronting Bill about being the responsible party. Hope threatens Bill to stay away as she attempts to win back Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Daniel stops Dr Walters before he can start to operate. Warden Smith is arrested when Daniel calls Abe and fills him in on the organ harvesting. Lee tells the nurse trustee to take care of Jennifer after she receives a call telling her the warden has been arrested.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Billy is tempted by Carmine’s offer, and Jack is troubled by Phyllis’ interest in Nick.

THE DEL MONTE DYNASTY: Paula confronts Sofia for bringing Esteban to the ranch. Juan reacts badly to the revelation and asks Paula to leave.

AURORA: Vanessa confronts Catalina about refusing to accept her. Angela has some shocking news for Lorenzo and his family.

PRECIOUS ROSE: Margaret provides the police with new evidence and asks them to reopen the case. Barbara begins to spiral out of control.

MY HEART BEATS FOR LOLA: As Lola makes plans for the wedding, her family tries to convince her that marrying Angel is a terrible mistake.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Gonzalo attempts to deal with the situation regarding Rebecca. Ignacia attempts to get away from it all.