GENERATIONS: Fed up, Jason is done with playing nice. Caleb offers his services as a newsman. It’s Steve’s turn to have doubts about getting married.

SCANDAL: Daniel and Eugene execute the first phase of their “bring down Donna” mission and Erin suspects something is going on behind her back.

RHYTHM CITY: The police put the squeeze on Bash and Niki. Sis Bee gets the wrong impression about Tshidi’s curiosity. Fats and Puleng fail to co-exist as “managers”. Tshidi tries to stop William from leaving.

THE WILD: Amita arrives at Dinaledi. Maxine’s plans are coming together. Lelo’s health continues to fail as she is under increasing pressure to follow the customs of her people. Angie attempts to connect with Rossouw.

INKABA: The situation with Thuli and Mkhuseli escalates when he finds himself on the wrong side of a gun. Gus is worried about Thuli, especially when it seems she might be keeping secrets from him.

ISIDINGO: The truth about the Horizon Deep rapist is revealed at last. The Matabanes are surprised by an unexpected visitor. Jody watches something he is not meant to.

7DE LAAN: Pulani confides in Felicity. The sparks fly between Vince, Neville and Gita. Lilian leaves The Times, determined to find out who caused the debacle.

BINNELAND: Malan assures Delia of their relationship. Elise is upset when Toeks tries to help her in her search for other tenants for the commune. Pippa and Elise are shocked when they find out what happened to Hestie.

MUVHANGO: Agnes travels to Venda. Vhangani takes a major step towards making his dream a reality. Njabulo gets an unpleasant surprise.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam informs Amber that he and Hope are attempting to mend their relationship. Oliver is heartbroken that Hope is still unable to move on with him while getting over Liam.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami and EJ argue over Rafe moving in with Sami. EJ begrudgingly agrees to drop the custody battle. Nicole thinks EJ’s suspicions of Rafe are based on jealousy.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Heather and Avery match wits at Sharon’s trial. Ronan reaches out to Chloe. Victor vows to help Sharon.

ALL MY CHILDREN: In court, Greenlee shocks everyone by pleading guilty and deciding to tell the truth. Aidan puts his plan into motion, and Ryan suspects something is about to happen.