GENERATIONS: Dineo can’t make sense of her parents’ strange behaviour. Priska pushes Ngamla too far. Nicholas sees a different side to his business partner. Patrick gets a devastating phone call. Jason isn’t ready to swallow his pride yet. Noluntu loses her temper and slaps someone.

SCANDAL: Lucas burns with a desire for vengeance. Dintle looks to catch a snake but will she be able to outwit it? Scelo learns something new about the person with whom he’s communicating online.

RHYTHM CITY: Stefanie blackmails Zolani. Puleng walks in on Niki baring her heart to Suffocate. Prudence takes Sifiso on a drunken and rebellious trip to Redemption.

ISIBAYA: An unlikely union could be born. Lerato declines an invitation. Mkabayi tells Mpiyakhe about Mandla’s business venture. Qondi tries to get closer to Fezile.

ZABALAZA: Gasta reaches out to Lindiwe, will she listen? Beauty comes up with a conspiracy theory. Kgomotso shows Moss tough love. David makes a big discovery and so does Thabo.

ISIDINGO: Barker resorts to industrial espionage in a bid to influence his nephew’s court case. Zukisa gets disturbing news. Sechaba’s attempt to reconnect with Georgie doesn’t go as planned.

7DE LAAN: Danelle tries to think of a plan that will lift Diederik out of his depression. Neville bowls everyone over with his decision to cook for the family. Herman tells Nthabi he suspects Gita cheated to get the semis. Danelle bribes Kim to ask Diederik out for a drink.

BINNELANDERS: Wimpie makes a shocking discovery and At is confronted by furious doctors. A press conference brings it to At’s attention that someone has a skeleton in their closet. Pippa catches the girls gossiping about a friend of theirs and Gustav figures out what is going on.

MUVHANGO: Khomotjo’s wish comes true. A homeless Gundo is forced to swallow his pride and go back to Albert. Vho-Mukondeleli is convinced she is about to become a star.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Seeing Liam interacting with Will makes Steffy want to try even harder for another baby. Unwilling to be bullied any longer, Maya stands up to Bill in regards to his blackmail. As expected, Bill doesn’t take lightly to Maya not adhering to his demands.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Melanie finds Brady beating up EJ and stops him. Melanie realises that EJ is unresponsive. Bo and Hope track Rafe down to a warehouse. Rafe has left when they enter the room and discover the impostor.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Hilary’s plot against Neil takes a shocking turn, while Nick questions Noah’s interest in working with Victor. Friends and family gather to honour Lauren, while Victoria questions if Chloe is still in love with Kevin.


SOMEONE’S WATCHING: Zanetti is devastated by her daughter’s disappearance. Tatiana and Benjamín have a confrontation over Camila. Rodrigo invites Piedad for dinner.

ELENA’S GHOST: Elena Calcaño arrives with the medical reports and fingerprints that prove her identity. Michael discovers that Milady is the Giróns’ housemaid.

FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Flavia reads Bianca’s diary and discovers her feelings. Bruno tries to talk to Nina but Ariel interrupts them.

CRUEL LOVE: Camila tells Antonio that he can ask for custody of Nicolas after Sofia and Rocky took the child out of the country without Antionio’s consent.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Isabel lies, making Pedro believe the child she is expecting is his. Tomás tries to manipulate Ignacia with Estela’s illness but she is not afraid.