Silindile Nodangala plays Mam Ruby in Generations.

GENERATIONS: Khethiwe’s help is called on with a marriage proposal. Senzo seduces Will. Akhona demands answers about the night her mother died. Noluntu manipulates Susan to get information out of her. Ruby tells the public the truth about her father.

SCANDAL: Lerumo makes a vital connection. Daniel makes a fatal decision, but someone unexpected pays the price. The pressure on Scelo and the boys creates a nasty surprise for Zinzile. Ndumiso’s love life goes from bad to worse.

RHYTHM CITY: Bash works hard to convince Lerato that the best thing for them to do would be to go to the authorities. Plans are put forward to make sure Sifiso and Reneilwe will have some time to themselves during the Joy Cele video recording tomorrow. Gail banishes David and destroys his nanny-cam.

ISIBAYA: Mpiyakhe tries to catch up. Mandla and Bhekifa have important meetings. Mpiyakhe returns to Joburg. Goliath tells Bhekifa they have another candidate.

ZABALAZA: Thabo helps clean up the mess he made. Qiniso freaks Gasta out, reminding her of a young Sponono. Mthunzi and Jazzman worry that Moss cannot handle the pressure of being a criminal.

ISIDINGO: Albert’s problem rears its ugly head and it has serious conse-quences for his son. Priya makes every attempt to communicate with her absent husband. Lerato finds that driving lessons can be dangerous in all sorts of ways.

7DE LAAN: Hilda and Matrone try to out-manoeuvre each other to get the best coverage in the Hillside Times. Will Paula’s jealousy influence Kristin’s relationship with Altus?

BINNELAND: An unexpected request forces an uncomfortable Tertius to spend time with Malan. Nigel takes drastic action and Wimpie sees an opportunity. Morné is determined to stay and makes his parents life a misery. Susanna makes a surprising revelation towards Malan.

MUVHANGO: Vusi and Sthembiso's supper is ruined by the arrival of the police. The walls are closing in on Matshidiso. Albert loses a battle to Lerumo and he’s not happy.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Seeing that Hope is heartbroken, Oliver attempts to cheer her up by revealing something that he’s kept from her for years. Thomas welcomes Liam to the family after learning about Steffy’s pregnancy. Liam assures Thomas that he is completely committed to Steffy.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Carly gives Melanie a necklace. Bo breaks up the fight between Kinsey and Gabi. Kinsey tells Bo and Gabi she got the earrings at a pawn shop. Jennifer and Daniel play a few rounds of darts.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Jack’s birthday brings forth a lot of surprises and Nick realises he has to tell Avery the truth about Summer. Michael and Lauren’s conflict with Fen reaches an appalling climax. Katherine and Jill clash with each other.


THE DEL MONTE DYNASTY: Paula goes to the hacienda, where she encounters Juan. However, she struggles to tell him about her pregnancy.

FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Penelope is rushed to hospital after her contractions start. Guillermo flirts with Eliana. Ariel tries to apologise to Bianca.

CRUEL LOVE: Camila confronts Sofia because she made her look bad before Cecilia and intimidates her because she wants to get to the truth about the honeymoon.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Raquel asks Gonzalo to kill Andrea. Cecilia has a big surprise for Pilar – she is bringing Rebecca home.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Karina tells Tomas she can give him everything Ignacia doesn’t want to share. Estela warns Gina to keep away from Mariano.

THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH: Teresa plans to confront Patty, but she soon realises that she has vastly underestimated the power and influence of the Russian mob. Teresa and Santiago tangle with the Civil Guard during the delivery of their latest shipment and their relationship is about to hit a bump.