Silindile Nodangala plays Mam Ruby in Generations.

GENERATIONS: Queen has lost her spunk. Connor has a plan on how to get what they need. Priska walks in on a heated kiss. Nicholas and MJ have a major fallout. Jason is shocked to hear about the spyware on his computer. Ngamla doesn’t bother to let his fiancée down gently.

SCANDAL: Shakira makes a desperate request of Lucas, and is devastated to discover he has made an unexpected decision about her future. The Khumalos are at a loss for words when they accidentally discover what Bronnie plans to do at school.

RHYTHM CITY: The long arm of the law comes for Zolani. Mamokete and Kop decide to go ahead with sueing Miles. Niki finds out that Suffocate and Puleng are back together. Lerato softens towards Fats in his efforts to compete in the fitness challenge.

ISIBAYA: Bhekifa rewards Zweli for a job well done and Shadrack fines S’khaleni. Blade tries to get information from Sihle. Jabu introduces his son. Bhekifa is about to deal with Mbuyazi.

ZABALAZA: The pressure heats up on the cops as they struggle to capture Lithebe. Qiniso gives Herbert what he wants and it looks like a chapter may be closed.

ISIDINGO: A contentious newspaper article causes chaos on The Deep. Katlego takes radical action in the quest for the missing watch. Lerato finds out that Sechaba went to the party at ON and makes sure she gets back at him.

7DE LAAN: Excitement fills the air when Charmaine announces that she and David are getting married on Thursday. Is Herman frustrated enough to cancel the sale of the semis?

BINNELANDERS: Karli finally realises what is happening with her mother. A surprise party has to overcome a few obstacles when a member of the choir loses his voice and the bar tab is questioned. Tertius and Daleen have a falling out over Nina.

MUVHANGO: Moriti confronts Carol about her motives. Thandaza tells KK very firmly that he may not date Vuyiswa. Vuyiswa finds out that Gundo is Albert’s son. Mulimisi meets Shonisani and is quite taken with her.

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Liam and Steffy’s wedding begins with family and friends looking on and wishing the best for this young couple. Hope has her mind set on crashing the wedding and winning Liam back. Brooke,Rick, and Oliver band together in support of Hope.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Nicole gets DNA proof that Stefano and EJ had Rafe in the basement. EJ notices that Nicole is acting strangely. Sami overhears impostor Rafe telling Dario not to mention the woman he slept with while Sami was gone.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Genoa City is mourning the death of Katherine Chancellor, while Sharon is disappointed by Avery’s return. Jill is comforted by both Jack and Lauren, and Michael receives a message from Carmine.


ELENA’S GHOST: Elena sees a shadow behind the door while she is speaking to Laura on the phone. She sees a woman leaving in a hurry and decides to follow her.

FORBIDDEN PASSIONS: Everyone is worried as Bruno is still missing but then Bianca receives a message with good news.

CRUEL LOVE: During his last performance, Rocky dedicates his songs to Sofia, who goes to Antonio’s office and her labour pains begin – this time for real.

LABOUR OF LOVE: Mireya sees Gina and Mariano kissing. Jose Manuel talks to Angel and asks him how he knew about the warehouse theft.

THE QUEEN OF THE SOUTH: Willy introduces Teo to Veronica as the undercover cop in Teresa’s organisation; he finds it hard to believe how easily they were fooled.