Mara Louw. Picture: Facebook

Veteran actress and singer Mara Louw bids a rather bitter farewell from the local drama ''The Queen'.

Last Tuesday, viewers witnessed one of the best performances by Louw, following an emotional scene with her on-screen brother, Jerry Maake, that is played by director and actor Shona Ferguson.

Little did Mzansi know that Louw’s stellar performance was to be her last.

According to Sunday Sun, Mara’s departure was evoked by a disagreement on her new contract with the show’s producers.

Ferguson confirmed that Louw’s appearance on the show on Tuesday was her last one, but insisted that the veteran actress was not fired.

He added that Louw “declined” to extend her contract, supposedly when she was told that her storyline is coming to an end.

The Sunday publication also stated that Ferguson said the discussion and disagreement took place three months ago.

"We're in no position to explain why she refused to take the offer". Louw confirmed that she declined the offer because “they treated me like trash”.

"Yes, I declined to take the offer because they treated me like trash," said Louw.

She continued: "These people decided to come to me in September to tell me they had terminated my contract because the producers of the show had run out of ideas for my storyline. With my experience in the showbiz industry and age, you can't treat me like a nobody". 

To put the cherry on top, Louw took to Twitter to share on Sunday afternoon, posting her letter of termination with the message:

"Telling a lie doesn't suit you Mr Producer. Here's proof of letter you sent me in September 2017."

Fans took to Twitter to send their messages of support to Louw: