Abomama is Mzansi Magic's new telenovela that airs every Sunday evening at 8pm on channel 161. Photo: Supplied

Hee. There’s no corner in hell big enough for Andrew, guys. Andrew gets Tshidi drunk on fine wine, then proceeds to take her car away. And leave her destitute outside the restaurant. A moment of silence for this level of meanness, please.

Also, it finally seems like the sins of Abomama have finally caught up with them. And the threats of Bonanza are so beautifully phrased they coul very well be poetic. 

If you missed it, Ghoroa, spilled on Abomama to his boss, in an effort to get himself out of trouble for kidnapping Tjontjo.

Akere, we all remember that our good friend Tshidi used to date a gangster known as Chaklas? Well, when they eventually discovered Tjontjo was being held captive by Ghoroa, Tshidi used her proxy as former girlfriend of the thug, to put pressure on Ghoroa into releasing the little girl.

Obviously when Bonanza heard this he lost it, and subsequently ordered Ghoroa in a not so nice way to release the child.

Bonanza also knows that the ladies murdered Mancane. So, just as they were about to make a break for it he had them kidnapped one by one, brought to his house and held them captive in his home till he made his demand for his money back crystal clear.

I mean Abomama have a choice, orange overalls in prison, and they’re free from Bonanza. But it seems as though this is not an option they’re willing to consider.

In other less 'gangstery' news, Mapule is almost at the point of getting it on with Detective Khoroane. Can I get a whoop?

Am I the only one that witnessed the way Khoroane saved Mapule’s name? Tjerrr cuteness overload.

So the last bit of homework we have Bazalwane is to figure out how this money laundering shandis(situation) of Bonanza is going to work. And will Abomama ever be free from the clutches of Bonanza?

So like they really taking the money back. #AbomamaMzansi pic.twitter.com/7xk324T6yg

— Amogelang Moitse (@Bomas_moitse) May 20, 2018

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Abomama is on every Sunday evening on Mzansi Magic channel 161 at 8pm.