Thenjiwe Moseley made her debut on’s ‘Imbewu: The Seed’ on Monday, and her character is set to shake things up a bit. Picture: Supplied
Thenjiwe Moseley made her debut on’s ‘Imbewu: The Seed’ on Monday, and her character is set to shake things up a bit. Picture: Supplied

Job-hunting prophet makes her presence felt in ‘Imbewu’

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Aug 6, 2018

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Multi-talented, Thenjiwe Moseley, made her debut on’s Imbewu: The Seed on Monday (August 1). And her character, Thenjiwe “Mthandazi” Mvelase, is set to shake things up and add a bit of humour.

Moseley is playing the role of a prophet who loves spreading rumours which often cause conflicts around those close to her.

“She’s a prophet from uMlazi and is known to everyone for her tendency to overreact and to know everybody’s deepest secrets and is always eavesdropping which makes everyone respect her out of fear. Despite her questionable character, she is loyal to her clients and will never expose their secrets,” said Moseley about her character.

Thenjiwe is looking for a job after her business as a prophet failed and clients dried up. Now she is on the search for a job, but won’t take just any job. She overhears that Maluju Oil is looking for employees, and visits them to apply for a job.

Her character also adds humour to the serious family and business issues happening on the daily drama. And Moseley said she had one other thing in common with her character, aside from her real name.

“The character I play and Thenjiwe, my real self, love being the centre of attention.”

Moseley said she immediately connected with the script because she grew up surrounded by the character.

Thenjiwe Moseley. Picture: Supplied

“When I read the script, I instantly connected. I could already think of people like this, and as much as it’s a fun character to play, I like that it will teach the viewers that telling lies has consequences,” she said.

Moseley said in preparation for the role she researched a lot, but gave credit to her cast members.

“As I joined later than most of them, they were very helpful in giving me their character backgrounds. Imbewu also has some of the best directors this country has ever had. Zuko Nodada, who directed my first scenes was very helpful in bringing Mthandazi to life,” Moseley said.

She said her first thoughts on the drama was “why did it take so long to have such a beautiful drama, telling such a great South African story in such a realistic manner”.

“I love that I can watch it with my grandmother and my son and we can all enjoy it. They have unearthed some amazing talent from KZN.

“The growth of the industry in our province is exciting because even those who can’t afford to go live in Johannesburg, now have a platform to showcase their talent,” she said.

Nervous about how her character will be viewed, Moseley said she had given it her all and hope viewers love Mthandazi.

“Mthandazi, it’s a character very close to my heart and everyone who loves the comedy skits on my YouTube channel will love Mthandazi.

“I really hope viewers at home will love the character I play so that I can stay much longer. It would be nice to move to Durban full time,” she said.

To those who aren’t currently watching the show she said, “you are missing out, you have to start watching from tonight”.

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