Winnie Ntshaba as MaMngadi and Sello Maake ka Ncube as Bab’Mthethwa in the drama series The Herd.Picture: Twitter

There is nothing worse than a wicked step-mother and this was evident in Mzansi Magic’s drama series 'The Herd'. 

In the latest episode MaMngadi killed Samkelisiwe - an ancient cow with supernatural powers, she then fed Samkelisiwe’s liver to her unsuspecting husband. 

Samkelisiwe’s liver seems to be working as Bab’Mthethwa is seen behaving strangely. 

He is even turning against his golden girl. Bab’Mthethwa instructed her daughter to go look after an old cow in the middle of the night, which was obviously MaMngadi’s master plan to pen Samkelisiwe’s disappearance on Kayise. 

Mzansi will never look at ox liver (isibindi) the same after seeing what Samkelisiwe's liver can do.

Kayise woke up and freaked when she realised that the old cow is missing. MaMngadi pretended to care as she encouraged Kayise to tell his father about the cow, and he went berserk.

Dingane was also fed some of Samkelisiwe’s meat - a tongue to be precise -  and he is now a walking zombie. 

Will Bab’Mthethwa snap out of MaMngadi's spell? Watch the next episode of The Herd, Sundays at 8pm on Mzansi Magic, DSTV channel 161.