We just went through episode seven of Step up or step out on e.tv yesterday and the battle gets more interesting. With the theme being traditional African dance, you could almost touch the tension in the room as most dancers are anything but traditional. Still their efforts did not disappoint as they all brought their A-game, or what they thought was their A-game.

The dancers did not need to concentrate on African dances throughout their sets but they had to weave it into their usual styles and routines. Let’s see who did what among those worth mentioning.


I will probably be labelled as biased to Thembisa Revolution but I don’t mind the allegation. If you saw them last night, you will know that they deserve the hype.

When given a theme, dancers need to know that everything counts, from the presentation to showcasing the actual skills. Thembisa Revolution (pictured) aced all that and brought more than expected. Their “bush” attire was apt and their tap dancing was modified with traditional Tswana moves. That warrior chant at the end of the dance was nothing short of epic.

It doesn’t get better than that.


Still on Thembisa Revolution, you must have seen how excited Khabonina was when they were done. She could not hold her excitement down and so she stood up to dance along.

As I have mentioned before, she commented on the dresses, the talent and the facial expression. One of the members even got a pat on the back for taking heed of her advice from a previous performance.

We could be looking at the ultimate winner here.


So WEDFY did a great job with the dances but they missed the mark when it came to threading in some traditional dance moves.

As they are a hip-hop outfit, it is understandable, but still you’d expect them to be flexible enough to do whatever moves are thrown their way.

Their routine was lukewarm until right at the end when one member screamed “Jissus!” and took everyone by surprise. That triggered a whole lot of laughter and claps of appreciation.


At this point it is anyone’s game because from now on the episodes come with themes.

There are a lot of variables that the competitors have to go through as they get closer to the finale.

We get that the competition is looking for all-rounder dancers, but it shortchanges those who have mastered one genre, because unless that particular genre is asked for, they are toast.

Reptilez are one group that have suffered during the past episode as a result of this rigid nature of the programme.

• Step Up Or Step Out airs every Sunday at 6.05pm on e.tv.