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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Dudu Busani Dube defends Naledi 'The Wife' casting

Dudu Busani Dube and Gaisang Noge. Picture: Instagram and Supplied

Dudu Busani Dube and Gaisang Noge. Picture: Instagram and Supplied

Published Mar 17, 2022


News of the casting of actress Gaisang Noge in the role of Naledi in Showmax's hit telenovela “The Wife'' has caused quite an uproar on social media.

Die-hard fans of author Dudu Busani Dube’s book, wasted no time in calling out the casting of Naledi as they felt Noge did not match the description that is in the book, “Naledi His Love”.

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In Dube's book, which “The Wife'' is inspired by, Naledi is a plus-size woman, who wears size 42.

In a tweet in 2021, Dube had said: "Naledi is thick, fat if we are to be frank. The whole point of her story was to bring women body politics into the picture, into conversations. She's a size 40/42."

Fast forward to Noge's casting in terms of her physique, she is not "thick, fat" or a size “40/42” but she is a voluptuous woman and that did not sit well with some fans.

While members of Busani’s cult-like fan base may have not been pleased with Noge’s casting, Dube on the other hand likes her, yes she approves of Noge playing the role.

During a Facebook Live on the private The Hlomu Series by Dudu Busani-Dube group, the author defended the casting of Noge. "Truth is I like her, I do. I met her. I like her and I approve of her," she told fans.

Dube also addressed the hot topic regarding Noge’s body size in comparison to the character.

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"I know you guys have only seen a picture, she's not skinny. She is not skinny in fact, she's almost my size, if we’re not the same size.

“Just doesn't have the big boobs that I have and umkhaba. She has that flat stomach and perfect sdudla shape. She's not a thin woman.

“I don't think that whatever they put out did justice to her body and how she looks," she shared.

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Dube also went on to reassure her followers that she is genuinely okay with the casting, and also reminded people that she has nothing to do with who production, decides to cast.

She also shared her experience meeting Noge, who she was introduced to by Kwenzo Ngcobo, who plays Naledi's love interest, Qhawe Zulu.

While she had her reservations prior to the meeting, Dube explained that she was left quite happy afterwards.

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"Guys, she came, when she walked in we had eye contact and it was the most amazing thing. I looked at her and was, like listen, I like this girl.

“Okay, it's fine she's very slim at the top but she's very big at the bottom. I also kind of felt like, okay this is it.

“Her energy, her face, her humbleness. I had a connection with her, just like Mbali, I had a connection with her the moment I saw her," she said.

Dube also spoke about how Noge and Ngcobo's interaction during the meet-up left her impressed, including how Noge helped herself to his food, "which is so Naledi, she's bullying him!".

The author assured fans that if she did not like the actress they would have known and wouldn't have gone live if she didn't believe in her abilities.