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Pictures: Netflix

'Stranger Things 3': The ominous world gets stranger

By Marchelle Abrahams Time of article published Jul 2, 2019

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There's a storm brewing in Hawkins, Indiana, and it has nothing to do with the meteorological kind. It’s a sh*t storm of apocalyptic proportions and the only ones who can save them are themselves (cue the 'Stranger Things' theme song).

Just when we thought the inhabitants of this sleepy Midwest town are finally catching a break, we’re left with the ominous closing scene of 'Stranger Things 2'.

Show creators, The Duffer Brothers, have given us little nuggets as to what awaits Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas. What we do know is we haven’t seen the last of the Shadow Monster.

So many questions, so few answers!

Who is the voice in the opening scene of the Stranger Things 3 official final trailer?

“You let us in and now you are going to have to let us stay.” Who doesn’t feel creeped out by that voice-over? Confusion reigns and it’s freaking us out. Is it a clue as to the identity of the Shadow Monster/Mind Flayer?

This otherworldly creature who has been stuck in a parallel universe may finally reveal himself to reap destruction on Hawkin and the rest of the world.

How is Billy Hargrove connected to this?

The antithesis of all that is good and pure, Hargrove has probably become the most unlikeable character since the demise of Dr Brenner. And by the looks of it, we haven’t seen the last of him. His violent and often unpredictable nature has made him an a*****e of note.

But every story needs a bad boy, and he fits the bill perfectly. His presence in the teaser clips reveal he could have an even bigger role to play. Dacre Montgomery, who plays Hargrove, said “fans are going to get even more than they bargained for” during an interview with SyfWire.

It's 1985

Just like the start of the previous season, Stranger Things 3 picks up a year later, which makes it 1985. Hawkins is thriving and none the wiser as an unseen force slowly seeps its way into the town. They’ve even built a new mall which somehow plays a pivotal part when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan. And the series creators always get it right by thoroughly researching each year and staying true to the ’80s nostalgia theme, from the music to the fashion.

Billy has probably become the most unlikeable character since the demise of Dr Brenner.

Are Eleven’s powers getting stronger?

We always knew that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was going to kick Demogorgon ass, but the end of season 2 left us with even higher expectations as she managed to close the portal between their reality and The Upside Down. It took its toll on her and all we wanted for her was to have a semblance of a normal life. Now, this battle could be the one that finally defines her mental strength. Will she be strong enough, and the most important question of all - will she and Mike finally get their happy ending?

Talking about happy endings

Can we take a moment to acknowledge the chemistry between Nancy and Jonathan? At the beginning of season 2, the battle lines were drawn between Team Steve and Team Jonathan. Let’s hope him and Nancy can get their stuff together instead of playing mind games.

Which leads us to the complex relationship that exists between Hopper and Joyce. With Bob (rest his soul) now out of the way, these two can now do some soul searching and decide if they’re really into each other or if they’re just catching feelings because of their shared traumatic experience.

Can we take a moment to acknowledge the chemistry between Nancy and Jonathan?

Is this the final season?

No one can answer that. Everyone, from the actors to the producers, have remained tight-lipped. What we do know is that cast members don’t want the series to overstay its welcome and would be thrilled if it ended on a high.

Stranger Things 3 airs Thursday on Netflix

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