And the competition goes on. The R1 million still stands and only one person can win it. So far nothing is obvious. Each week someone has to leave and it is hard to bet on who that will be. This season of Tropika Island of Treasure has been the most unpredictable yet. Let’s take a look at the recent plays.


Now that we are in week five, everyone is used to each other so divas are hard to come by. So instead, this week we will talk about the could-have-been diva, Tracy McGregory. I am calling her that because she is hampered by a broken arm and with a challenge that required muscle movement, she could have thrown her toys all over, but to our surprise she actually did it whole-heartedly. Well done, Tracy.


After having visited the ancient pyramids, the contestants had to build sand pyramids in 10 minutes. It was a crazy challenge because in that limited time they also had to run and fetch water. The one with the tallest pyramid would be the winner. It was a good challenge as they managed to make use of the island and coupled it with the history of the area.


Though it came back to bite him, we must give Tshepo Mogale credit for poisoning the minds of the castaways. It made him stay in the game for this long. The next target was Poppy and that was a clever move because, coming from a celebrity, his sidekicks were made to believe he had their backs. Though, as we saw, Nolan had other ideas.


Slikour gets the prize this week. What was up with the Captain Under stunt? We must admit, though, it looked good and very funny and perhaps saved him since in the end it was him or Mogale up for eviction.

Throughout the competition Slikour has played the resident comedian and this wins the hearts of many, especially the plebs as they feel he is approachable. Mogale, who in actual fact should have been making people laugh, held back in an effort not to attract attention.


Just before they left for Mexico we had interviews and all Mogale would talk about were his strategies. The dude was just about the only person who had cards up his sleeve on how he was going to play the game.

The problem with watching too much Survivor is that you become too scheming – to a point where everyone realises you are a snake. So while Mogale is a great guy, he spoke to too many contestants about evicting others and that in turn has made him vulnerable.