Lara de Matos

After last week’s sizzling hot start to the show, the second instalment of Survivor South Africa: Champions was somewhat more tepid, with the whole “will they, won’t they”, “who will stay and who will go” scenarios proving unnecessarily protracted.

Nevertheless, that it was Ashley, rather than Shona, who saw her time on the island suddenly turn to – wait for it – ash, was a redeeming final-moment twist to the game.


On attempting to explain to Nico that Selatan had already enjoyed a “cooked” meal thanks to their fire-making skills: “China, last night we ate South Sea sushi, China.” See what ol’ Dave was doing there? They’re on an island in the South China Sea – geddit? Yawn…

Featured Flasher

Zavion swoops in to take the title from Zan this week, but unlike his predecessor, the wedding planner flashes those perfectly sculpted muscles in a completely unas- suming way – one which actually makes you want to look. Zan, take note: sometimes subtlety is more effective than the hitting- you-over-the-head-with-it approach.


“I’m not voting for Shona because I don’t trust them (the Zavion et al alliance); I’m voting for her because she irritates me. She absolutely irritates me.”

So much for those diplomacy skills that supposedly go hand-in-hand with Moyra’s job title as an HR director. And after all that, she blew whichever way the tribal wind went and voted for Ashley instead.

Tootsie Talk

We could single out Shona again (those ditsy comments just keep on a-flowing from her mouth) but the poor girl’s already found herself in the firing line far too many times this week. So instead we’ll nominate Captain Philip: who knew underwear could also be worn on your head! Evidently, sucking on sugar cane makes you all kinds of koo-koo.

Keeping Up With Krige

Corne was undoubtedly attempting to explain that he was not prepared to compromise his integrity simply for the sake of winning when he stated: “I’m not going to be part of the politics; if you want my opinion, I’ll give it to you.”

But in declaring Zavion to be “also quite a strong leader” during tribal council, he may very well have played into said politics by inadvertently placing a target on the big man’s back.

Fly Fish (ing)

“We win as a team, we lose as a team; but we ain’t gonna lose!”

The Utara team leader’s got the spirit, yes he do; Mark’s got the spirit – now Krige, how ’bout you?

Special Mention

Now we understand why Graham (pictured below) managed to reach the level of a financial manager at the tender age of 28: the boy’s a boffin at the numbers game and soon figured out the best way to take control of the outcome at tribal council was to fiddle with the four-strong alliance made up of Zavion, Marsha, Philip and Ashley. Well played.

lSurvivor South Africa: Champions airs every Sunday on M-Net at 5.30pm.