If you are in a relationship, a romantic one that is, then one thing is certain, they are are lying to you. No, seriously, they may have the best intentions, but still, they are lying to you.

It could be about anything, from where they spent their day, how much they love your cooking or their reasons for being with you. Human beings just can’t seem to help themselves but lie.

Some lies are better than others, so if you discover the harmless stuff you will not really make a big deal of it. However, in the event that you stumble upon something big, like your partner is the other sex and not what you thought, then things can get tricky.

Well, the latter scenario is what Nyan’ Nyani, a local talk show, brings to the TV landscape. Dubbed the local version of The Jerry Springer Show, Nyan’ Nyani invites couples with big secrets to share those on TV. The sensitive matter is put out there in return for promised specialist help.

“If you have been hiding something big from your partner, then we invite you both to Nyan’ Nyani, where you can say what your secret is,” said Luyanda Potwana, the presenter of the show.

“To get people interested, we tell the ones with the secrets that the show provides a psychologist who will work with the couple long after the show. The couple can then decide after therapy whether they should stay together or not,” continued Potwana.

It sounds pretty hectic, and you will probably not be part of this even for a million bucks, but there are people who are willing to share their personal lives with the world.

According to Potwana, cases of secret children are the most common on the show.

“Many people we have on the show want to reveal to their partners that they have other children elsewhere,” he said.

Surprisingly, according to Potwana, most of the people who do this are women leading their male partners to believe that they are biological fathers of their offspring.

“In our first episode, a woman confessed to her husband that their first child, who is nine years old, was not his. I was afraid for her because he got really cross.

“It is a good thing that we have security so I don’t have to worry about the guests fighting, because that is not what we are here for,” he said.

An engaged man himself, Potwana says his involvement with this show will not affect the trust he has for his fiancée.

“I’ve been a petrol attendant in PE, earning R250 a week. After that I moved to Joburg where I was homeless, sleeping in toilet stalls. I then became an extra on soapies until last year when I got this big break for the show.

“My girl has been there through all my rough times, so I know she is the one,” he said.

• Nyan’ Nyani airs Tuesday at 6.30pm on SABC1.