Many men all over the world have Justin Timberlake to thank for that wardrobe malfunction that happened to Janet Jackson’s top when they performed together a few years ago.

That said, it must have been any seamstress’ nightmare to watch one of their designer works fall apart.

It’s all part of the risk you take when designing costumes for a high-energy set, but if you succeed, the pay-off is huge. So it’s no surprise that scores of wannabe designers lined up to audition for the British TV show Styled To Rock. The show invites young, talented individuals who are enthusiastic about fashion to showcase their skills in a series of challenges.

The goal is to look for someone good enough to design outfits that can be worn by international singers on a stage. Preferably the type that doesn’t tear off like the Janet Jackson situation.

As with any good TV show, the designers are asked to make miracles out of limited material. Each challenge has a particular theme or celebrity in mind and one designer gets evicted each week.

Think Project Runaway, with singer Rihanna instead. She’s both the co-host and executive producer of the show. This is interesting because the singer is known for her wild but trendy dress sense.

Celebrities from all the international entertainment circles are invited and they get outfits made for them. They then choose the winning contestants based on who understood the brief best.

Ultimately, they have the final say on who stays on the show.

In the final, two designers have the privilege of making an outfit for Rihanna to wear for her show at the Wireless Festival last year. Judging by the picture we’re publishing here, whoever won had great skills.

Sink your teeth into this and let’s see if you can guess who it is.

The only problem with shows like these – Tyra Banks, you need to hear this – is that they work on nothing else but exploiting hungry and talented young people.

The ones who fall out of the competition along the way rarely get anything out of the experience except a sad reminder of what could have been. Here’s hoping that although some celebrities did not like what was made for them, they can at least make recommendations to their moneyed friends and give this kids some work.


• Styled To Rock airs from next Tuesday at 7.30pm on Vuzu (DStv channel 116).