So Mampi is gone and the only person who seems to be heartbroken is Maneta. Everybody else in Upville is happy that the gossiper has left. She may have been entertaining but she also loved to spread the word on everyone in the house. So perhaps she got what she deserved.

It’s week four and everyone’s true colours are coming out. Love is in the air for some, while others stick to the friendships they built in the houses. As usual, Upville has its class, while things in Downville go from bad to worse. Let’s look at how it went down this past week.


The evil machine did it again and the nominees are Edith, Eve, Mildred and Keita. Pity we can’t talk to them beforehand – it would have been nice to hear what they had to say about their fate. I don’t know about you, but it is becoming increasingly irritating that “the machine” gets to choose who leaves, and not the housemates. Honestly, how do you plan your stay if you are going to be picked out of a hat? There is not a strategy in the world that can effectively go against the machine. Please, Big Brother, take the gadget and donate it to Powerball.


So the Downville inmates made history by becoming the first group to stage a strike on the show? Now that’s reality TV. Big Brother gave Angolan Seydou the punishment of having to find a needle in a haystack, literally. It was a cumbersome task that the Angolan was not interested in completing, so he left it after a while. In response, Big Brother charged in and flexed his muscles and cut all alcohol and cigarettes supplies until further notice. In retaliation, the housemates took off their microphones and refused to do given tasks. It was an interesting stand-off which had Big Brother give in eventually. Methinks it’s only a matter of time before he returns for revenge on the individuals who incited the others.


Mampi is bitter. She hated everyone in the house except for Maneta.

“They are all two-faced. They call me the gossiper yet they also talked about me behind my back. I am so glad I am not in there any more. I hate pretentious people,” she ranted.

She confessed that she had disliked Goldie from the start. The latest name in her hate black book was Barbz.

“She is very threatened by Maneta’s presence. Maneta is beautiful and Barbz showed that she did not like the attention shift,” she said.

She feels she has managed to change the Zambian’s perspective when it comes to her personality.

“Where I come from people thought I was really wild yet I am just a normal girl,” she said. Not too sure about normal, but we’ll play along.


Some people are speculating that Upville’s Goldie and Prezzo will not be together for long. But wait, when were they together? Here I was thinking Prezzo was chasing after Barbz. What happened to that? Then again, these romances start and end so fast you’d think the contestants have the lifespan of a fly.

With Mampi gone, Maneta flies solo and she will probably have to stick with the guys for a bit because the girls find her threatening.