Never before have I seen one individual be so despised by their home country when participating in a competition. Never.

You could have the worst team playing in a major tournament, but somewhere in the crowd would be die-hard fans. She could be the ugliest contestant in the Miss World pageant, but rest assured, her country would be proud of her.

This is why the unanimous hate expressed by Zimbabweans against compatriot Maneta is interesting. If the Tweets and Facebook messages are anything to go by, then Maneta is easily the most loathed Zimbabwean at the moment.

After Maneta was disqualified two days ago for inciting violence, here are things people had to say on Twitter.

Andile [email protected]: today shona and ndebele brethren stand united in disgust n hate for#Maneta #bba...

Laura Walubengo [email protected]: Do you think that one day #maneta will look back and say ‘what a stupid child I was...’ tsk.. #stargame

MemzyR [email protected]

“@TNashe_: Anyone want to wait for #Maneta paborder with a sjambok?! A lil “welcome back” for our girl...”Cc @mrmupa

Let’s look at how the story played out.


The last time contestants were disqualified, Biggie decided to give Eviction Sunday a break. With Maneta and Roki being sacked, one can only wonder if there will be an eviction on Sunday. We will have to wait and see.


I am sure every time there is violence in the house Hannington and Lerato’s hearts skip a beat. Unlike in the past, when she could stay while he was sent off, the newer rules will not tolerate any acts of violence or threats of it. All parties have just seconds to pack up and leave.

So in her childish moments Maneta poured milk on Roki’s face and he retaliated by pouring water on hers. Much shoving followed and in no time the arsenal was upgraded from milk and water to bleach. And they were sent out. Way to go, Big Bro.


We caught up with Namibia’s Jessica and SA’s Lee who were evicted last Sunday. Lee was happy for his mate Keegan’s promotion to Upville, but wished he had been nominated by people, not a machine.

“You will never be 100 percent sure if you are making it or not in the house because the decision is made by a computer,” he said.

Jessica seemed to have made peace with it a long time ago.

“From the onset I told myself there will only be one winner. I didn’t expect to leave, but it happens,” she said.

As for who made the cut for Upville, Lee felt Keegan got it because he was talkative.

“They are looking for people who will stir things up in Upville and Keegan is the man for the job,” said a proud Lee.


Every time someone looks as if they are going to win, they get voted off.

Roki was easily becoming a fan favourite until he fought with Maneta. The same was true of Zanaib who, like Maneta, had a loose screw and it cost her the game.

So now it looks like Prezzo and Keegan may just be the two to go right to the end.

That is if they, too, don’t fight.