A scene from Stranger Things… which is about spooky, supernatural things conjured up in a lab. Picture: Supplied
Right on time for Halloween - if you’re into that sort of American consumerism culture - comes the second season of a sought-after show. Stranger Things - all nine new episodes of season two - is available on Netflix on Friday.

This Netflix Original became hugely popular last year. Part of that popularity comes from the fact that a lot of people just love to be spooked out.

This sci-fi horror series has them covered. Another part comes from the nostalgia.

Stranger Things is set in the 1980s. There is a lab that conducts scientific tests. But it takes people longer to notice that some of these tests are supernatural. And some of them are conducted on humans.

So after more than a few supernatural occurrences that force the townspeople to go Antoine Dodson on some “hide your kids”, the penny drops. Amid all of this, one child goes missing. Then a girl, who is psychokinetic, suddenly shows up.

While the missing boy’s friends search for him, she says she is there to help. They try to rescue their friend from a place called the Upside Down.

Winona Ryder stars as the boy’s mother, Joyce, and other notable actors include David Harbour. What ensues in season one is enough drama to scare your socks off. Which is why the second season is so highly anticipated.

Debuting on Netflix in its entirety tomorrow, the second season of Stranger Things picks up a year after where we left the town. And if you’re like us, or even you’re just suffering from FOMO, you’re going to be binge-watching the season and racing to the finish line. Tweet us if you’re joining us.

So it is now 1984 and little Will Byers has finally been rescued - sorry, if you haven’t watched season one yet. Those who have survived in the tiny fictional Indiana town of Hawkins think they are safe now. 

But obviously they must be dreaming. But will they all survive the horror that is about to be brought to their doorstep? You’ll have to watch to find out. Oh! And season three of Stranger Things is already in the works, so if you’ve never seen an episode, I suggest you start bingeing now.

* The entire second season of Stranger Things will be released tomorrow. Will you be binge-watching with us? Tell us @IOL_Lifestyle on Twitter.