Tumi Morake. Picture: YouTube

Naomi Campbell and Tiwa Savage were set to appear on Tumi Morake talk show WTFTumi on Monday, however, both of them cancelled. 

While supermodel model Naomi Campbell cancelled her appearance well in advance, the same can't be said for Tiwa Savage. 

The WTFTumi team celebrated their 1st birthday on Monday, but the mood soon dampened when Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage cancelled last-minute, leaving the team to scramble to put together a prerecorded segment. 

According to Morake, the 'Ma Lo' singer pitched at the studio only to let them know that she would not be able to go live at 10 pm. 

Speaking to Huffington Post SA, Morake detailed what went down and her feelings towards Savage after this encounter. 

"Tiwa, quite disrespectfully and unapologetically, arrived, said she wouldn't wait for us to go live at 10 pm and [and] as we scrambled to prerecord her quickly, she drove off," said Morake. 

"My only annoyance is that we tailor the games, digital content and stuff around confirmed guests, so when they cancel right there in front of you, it is a huge scramble for everyone and affects other guests."

Morake went on to say that there might have been some confusion since the Global Citizen Festival party was the same night but Savage's actions were uncalled for.

"Considering it was the launch last night [Tuesday], somehow the timelines also don't make sense, I feel like they may not be completely to blame, (but the) last minute drop was really uncalled for. I was flabbergasted when I was running to [the] studio and a crew member comes to me and says, 'she has driven off'. I was like, what? After all of that!"