Calling all summer couch potatoes, a new development is on the horizon that will change the way you view reality TV.

International group Chello Zone and CBS Studio Inter-national recently reached an agreement, according to which CBS gets more influence on channels and compensates for that control by offering shows from its stable and use of its name.

In plain English, your reality shows have now got a better look and feel because with the two giant companies merging, we get to see the birth of CBS Reality on South African TV.

It will take over where Zone Reality currently is to give you an honest look at real-life recorded events.

Shows to look out for will include Judge Judy (pictured), the award winning 48 hours, FBI Criminal Pursuit, Border Security, Who Do You Think You Are? and One Born Every Minute.

With CBS’s unchallenged record of TV production and distribution, you get nothing but the best on CBS Reality.

It’s an international company that has interests in the US, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, and it is humbling that South Africa has also got the nod to get some of the best products out there.

Like it or not, Judge Judy is real and the show has an incredible success story and following.

In the 14-time Emmy winner, Judy Sheindlin presides over real cases under existing New York laws.

She is said to be so successful that she is one of the highest-paid people on TV, so whether you believe it or not, she is smiling all her way to the bank.

If that’s not you cup of tea, then 48 Hours: Hard Evidence might just do it for you.

Take a ride with cops and see how a case unfolds from a crime, usually with no clues, to catching the criminals and getting a confession out of them. Insightful information also comes from family, friends and witnesses of the victim.

FBI Criminal Pursuit is almost the same as 48 Hours only a little more clever. You have seen it in the movies: when the FBI steps in, regular cops feel overstepped.

But it is no secret that the FBI is the big brother of the US police force and its various departments have different areas of expertise, and so everything from ballistics to forensics is done in-house and you can be a part of it all.

Find out what all the other shows are about when CBS Reality starts on December 3. It will be on DStv channel 132.