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Vivica A. Fox, turns up the heat this season in her latest business venture, Black Magic, where she scouts eight of the hottest African American male dancers to give women a night they will never forget.

Putting the likes of Magic Mike to shame, the show, Vivica’s Magic Men, airs on Lifetime, DStv channel 131, and sees the accomplished 52-year-old actress, producer and entrepreneur putting her name, her money and her reputation on the line to host the ultimate ladies experience featuring her hand picked magic men.

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“Viewers will definitely be intrigued by watching a strong female being the head chick in charge of eight alpha males and two female assistants every week producing hot shows in a quest for stardom and fame,” said Fox.

having not done something like this in her career before, Fox said the aim of the docu-series was to take the male exotic dancers on a journey of getting them a residency in the famous Las Vegas strip.

“It was utterly challenging and lots of fun to create. The ultimate goal of the show is to land a permanent residency in the Las Vegas strip that is successful and full of diversity as I really felt that there was a lack of diversity when it came to the ultimate ladies night. 

I chose to host Magic Men here because Vegas is like an adult Disneyland and the Mecca of fantasy driven shows and a perfect home for the show to be successful. 

Currently in Vegas there’s only Chippendales and Thunder from Down Under,” she said.

Together with her girl squad Eurika and Kiana, Fox auditioned hundreds of hot men, narrowing it down to a group of elite eight with stage presences, six-packs and moves worthy of a coveted spot in her show. The men are put through dance sessions that include ballet, tap and hip-hop.

Now ladies will be able to watch the likes of Alvester Martin, an alpha male, seasoned dance veteran and musician who has toured with the likes of Beyonce and Mariah Carey.

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Andrew “Penetration” Williams, a business owner, choreographer and single dad from Compton dancing his way to his dreams, as the rock solid team player of the group, he’s committed to taking Black Magic all the way to the top, but will new opportunities from the commercial dance world make him second guess his career?

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Christian “Slo-Motion”Dennis, is the “prince” of the LA urban exotic dance scene, but when he joins the group alongside the nation’s top dancers in the game, “Slo-Motion” kicks into overdrive to prove he’s more than a local Don Juan but instead is a bonafide dance star destined for the big stage.

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Greg “White Chocolate” Jackson, is a stockbroker turned dancer who is following in his stripper father’s footsteps and is trying to juggle his girlfriend, their young son and his dance ambitions.

Jonathan “Heat” Martinez, is a former boxer and a top male Latin entertainer.

Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire, the most well-known and in-demand black exotic dancer in the country is looking to take his brand worldwide with Black Magic and find real love along the way.


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Mike “Profit The Problem” Strong, a funny, single dad who was a college athlete before giving it up to provide for his family.

Steven “Charm” Beck, a newbie to the dance scene. He is a nerdy sweetheart turned hunky celebrity trainer and Internet fitness guru who is hoping to expand his brand by starting a clothing line and fitness app that is, if he can survive the glare of the magic spotlight.

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Fox said while creating the show was fun – audiences will also see how stressful and challenging it was to keep the guys focused and professional.

“The best part of the show was that every week it was like a mad dash to the finish line producing eight different styles of shows. Also seeing just how crazy we could drive the ladies every week with their performances. I also had to constantly keep the guys egos in check and remind them to keep their eyes on the Vegas prize,” said Fox.

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She said the worst moment on the show for her was when one of the dancers kept challenging her authority.

“Alvester kept challenging my authority and one week just checked out and took Penetration with him to do his video! Wow! I really felt like just giving up on the whole thing. I was pissed,” she said.

Produced by Propagate and created by Fox and J.C. LaMarre, the guys must now put aside their egos and personal life dramas, and give it all they have to make the magic happen.

“Every week I want the audience to enjoy watching me create their ultimate male fantasies. The journey of all the juiciness and drama is fabulous,” said Fox.

* Vivica's Magic Men airs on Wednesday at 8.50pm on Lifetime, DStv 131.