Ruby Rose. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Actress Ruby Rose, who is getting ready to play lesbian Batwoman in a new series, showed off her martial arts skills on Instagram.

On Saturday, Rose gave a sneak-peek at her martial arts training, which is likely to be part of her preparations for the iconic role, reports

The model-turned-actress looked to be in serious Zen mode as she followed her instructor's every move and instruction. 

She is dressed in full martial arts garb that included a robe, matching pants and a black cloth tied around her lean waist.

Initially, the instructor had her working on her arm and wrist strength by slowly lifting a piece of concrete with a stick and rope.

The instructor then went into a number of held positions which Rose captioned: "This part I can do."

Eventually, the training turned to some relaxed manoeuvre that involved breaking a piece of metal in half by slamming it into his arms.

With this the actress wrote: "This part I can not do... yet."