Munya Vomo

AS MZANSI Love draws to a close this week, we look at why this season has been successful, like the two before it. When the first season came out there was no indication how well it would do. We have several local productions and so Mzansi Love would be another drop in the ocean. But that wasn’t so. Instead it’s come to be one of the most anticipated shows on

The first thing they got right in the third season was the casting. We have the likes of Cleopatra Simelane (pictured), Zakeeya Patel, Khanyi Mbau, Noxie Maqashalala, Mmarona Kgwele, Xoli Zondi and Munya Chidzonga.

What’s clever about selecting such a diverse bunch is that each and every one of them brings something to the table. Simelane for instance has had a steady growth in the industry of late. Before Mzansi Love we last saw her in Generations as some nerd that was hacking into people’s computers. Those who look closely can see her in a Castle Lite commercial that is currently running. The stunning actress goes beyond her looks on Mzansi Love, showing great talent and passion.

Then you get the ubiquitous Khanyi Mbau who has had a great run so far this year. The confidence that the producers of this show have in her shows by them giving her a major role in the first episode of the season.

Coming off winning Strictly Come Dancing, Zakeeya Patel headed straight for acting and it has been working for her.

Then there is Xoli Zondi, who we know as Zodwa in Generations. Zondi knows her stuff when it comes to being a convincing actress. She started with a bit-part on Generations but now she is a force to be reckoned with as they still write her character in the storyline. On Mzansi Love she goes on to show why she is a rising star in the acting arena.

While the casting directors got it right by selecting a talented group of people, the whole project rested on the strength of the script and its delivery. It was a joy to watch as the format used was innovative to assist in telling several stories in one season.

Confused? Well here is how it worked: we got introduced to all the characters in the first episode but from then on, each episode zoomed in on one of the principal characters and the things that happened in his or her life. Occasionally we would see the other principal characters weave their way back into a storyline. It was all a joy to watch and took clever minds to pull off.

Given that it’s “love stories” we were also guaranteed some steaming love story arcs that kept us entertained. It helped that, overall, the cast was made of good-looking young people but it was a great bonus that they could act and pull off most of the emotions that come with quality.

In a time when production equipment for TV and film is becoming more and more accessible, poor quality is not acceptable. Mzansi Love has that department covered. Although it may not be award-winning material, it is great to see that effort was put in the look and feel of the show. The shots are clean and appear to have been colour-corrected in post production, giving them the “film look”. If you didn’t know any better you would think the show was made in some First World studio. Kudos for that.

With that success, the pressure is now on the backs of the production company to bring us yet another season and here’s hoping it will be even better.

Mzansi Love airs tomorrow at 8.30pm on