Durban 04092013 Vivian Reddy and King Goodwill at the launch of 1KZN TV, Sibaya. Picture by: Jacques Naude

IN what is being billed as a first for a monarch in the world, the Zulu Royal Family and King Goodwill Zwelithini, are set to hit your TV screens in October.

At a glitzy launch function held at the Sibaya Casino on Wednesdaynight, it was announced that the Zulu Royal Family would become the first monarch in the world to invite television cameras into their space in the educational programme, eBukhosini.

The Richards Bay based community TV channel, 1KZN TV, will from October 7th at 8pm, host a weekly 30 minute show focusing on the work and teachings of the King and the Zulu Royal Family.

Durban millionaire, Vivian Reddy, is investing R1.2 million towards the project and has already contributed a vehicle and camera equipment for the production company, Urban Brew Studios.

“It is historic, the King will be the first leader in SA to have his own TV slot,” said Reddy.

The King said in his speech that the show could be a vehicle in the quest for social cohesion.

“One of the unique interests we share with Mr Reddy is our quest for social cohesion. Together we strongly believe that as a province and a people, we should move from tolerating each other to accepting each other,” he said.

“There is no doubt in my mind that (the show)… will assist us going forward in terms of social cohesion. I say this because social cohesion is possible if we know each other better. This project will be educational and at the same time promote not only Zulu heritage, because I believe that the history of amaZulu will never be complete without the history of the British, the French, the Indians, the Afrikaners and others,” he said.

1KZN TV's executive producer, Elize Viljoen, said the show was not a “reality TV show,” and said it was an instrument to “bring the King closer to his subjects”.

“There is a hunger for culture, people want to go back to their routes and learn… It will be educational, informative – it is not a reality TV show,” she said.

Viljoen said viewers would learn about the different palaces and the history of the Zulu Royal Family, and said members of the family would be observed closely, “at work, at home” and their involvement in the community.

“eBukhosini will be wherever the iSilo (King) goes, whether it be uMkhosi weSilo, uMkhosi woMhlanga, uMkhosi woKweshwama – we will show what has never really been shown on TV,” she said.

Guests were entertained by the JG Zuma High School choir, who have recently returned from a trip to the Netherlands.

On his involvement in the TV show, he said: “It is easy when (a) request comes to support for someone like this. There could have been a civil war in KwaZulu-Natal if it wasn’t for people like His Majesty and President (Jacob) Zuma,” he said.

“His Majesty reaches out to millions of people, it is important to support him, it is important to support his great work,” he said.

“This is one small way to say we support the work of His Majesty… His Majesty will always have my support, because he is my King,” said Reddy.


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