Bongani and Sibongile. Picture: Twitter

Bongani has a huge crush on his boss.

“If she says YES, I’m sending my uncles to go pay lobola.” That’s how serious Bogani was about his crush, Sibongile.
He boldly took to UyangthandaNa to find out if she feels the same about him.

“I love her, I see a bright future with her, I see us having having children, maybe 11 children, we can start a soccer team. I want to build a home with this woman."

Bongani was so confident that “nothing will go wrong”. He was somewhat convinced that Sibongile would say yes. “I can see it it her eyes that she loves me too.”
Bongani claimed he was ready for commitment.

“I’m not here for games, I’m not here to play. I really want to commit to this woman cause I really love her.” 
He was eager for a relationship, having been single for three months, and was convinced his boss could see a future with him.

“There was a guy that she (Sibongile) was flirting with and she told me about him. I’m her shoulder to cry on and I think the reason she does that is because she sees a potential husband in me."

Asked what qualities he was looking for in a woman, he said: “It’s not about beauty, it’s not about the looks, I just want someone with a good heart and Sibongile has a great personality. She has a good  heart.”
Sibongile who described herself as a very talkative, crazy straightforward and up-in-your-face type of person, looked baffled upon realising who brought her to the show.

“I know we are friends, we are close, but I want to take our friendship to the next level. I’m tired of being your friend/colleague. I can make you the happiest woman alive,” said Bongani.

She cried, which some viewers took as a hint that she was probably into Bongani, but what she said next was very unexpected.
“I wasn’t aware that you feel this way about me,” she revealed.

She said was looking for a God-fearing, crazy, outspoken, tall, working guy and the guy who will make her laugh. Poor Bongani: he didn’t realise that he was in the friend zone. Once you're there, getting out can be rather tricky.

“You know like that safe haven, where you can talk and not be judges, that’s Bongani.” Ouch!!

“Bongani has a special place in my heart...I love you as a friend and a brother,” she added.