Warren Masemola. Picture: Twitter

New local drama "Tjovitjo" started on a high note with a standout performance by Warren Masemola , which it premiered last night.

The SABC 1 drama series had Twitter in awe following Warren Masemola's performance, despite some concerns about the drama’s time slot. 

Masemola plays “MaFred”, a pantsula dance leader who is troubled by his personal life.

Viewers were impressed with Masemola's talent, especially his monologue and  praised his ability to adapt to any role.

The drama follows the lives of the a group of dancers, AmaTjovitjo trained in the classical dance style of pantsula. 

It explores their passion for dancing,love & struggles.In the midst of this, they navigate their neighborhood with booby traps & hurdles.

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The first episode “Death on a birthday” explored the training parade of 100 Pantsula dancers and their routines. 

However, some viewers were disappointed with the Pantsula dance story line, but most were calling for more screen time. “Best picture, the raw emotion in this. Best show in South Africa, but it’s sadly 30 minutes,” one Twitter user commented.

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