WATCH: Lil Kim’s new music video

A still from Lil Kim's new video. Picture: YouTube

A still from Lil Kim's new video. Picture: YouTube

Published Aug 6, 2018


Lil Kim has been away from the music scene for a while. The last time we heard her was on the chorus of Remy Ma’s Wake Me Up. 

On that track, Rem was paying homage to Lil Kim by sampling her song, Queen B*tch, off Kim’s classic debut album Hard Core.

Everyone expected for Kim to drop her own verse on the track - or at least on a remix. But that wasn’t to be. But now, Lil Kim has come out with a new solo track. It’s called Nasty One and it goes in.

Last week, Kim put out the music video. As expected from someone who has consistently been a trendsetter, Kim definitely serves a few looks. It is, however, a little jarring to hear her use so much autotune. That is one of the reasons why her last mixtape, Lil Kim Season, bombed.

Nasty One carries a Caribbean vibe that someone like Stefflon Don would kill. Perhaps there’s room for a remix. We’ll see.

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