Mbali. Picture: Twitter

“I am single because guys are silly,” said Mbali Machele from Daveyton who unapologetically confessed her love for alcohol and for partying.
Mbali is a chef and was looking for a sweet, friendly and loving guy, who loves going out. “He must work so he can take me out,” she said.

She was open about the kind of guy she was looking for,  “[He] must have party vibes, not church vibes”.
He must be handsome and stylish too.
“If he’s not handsome, I won't date him...if the belt doesn't match with the shoes, then you are not my type…”she added.

Mbali’s first date was with Itumeleng Malela’s family, who is a  25 year-old “theater practitioner.” Itu was looking for a kind lady, who understands that he works hard, she must be beautiful, she must clean and “her hair must always be on point”. 

“If you start asking me for money haphazardly...I’m going to have a problem with you” 

Itumeleng’s friends liked Mbali, even though he didn’t seem impressed especially by her love for wine.

“She seems more like a gold-digger,” Itu’s friend said.
Which Mbai replied “do I look like a miner to you?” “then I am not a gold digger.” 
“What do you do for fun,” another friend asked.
“I drink.a lot, so deal with that!,” she replied.

The second bachelor was a film producer Bernard Sebola. A 28-year-old who was looking a for a woman who doesn’t drink alcohol and wears pants.
The date with Bernard’s friends was a bit of a disaster. They didn’t seem to know much about their friend. And the meal (chicken and pap) was not very palatable. Mbali even complained that the food was cold.
She was offered juice, which she declined and asked for wine.
When she was told, they do not serve alcohol in the house, she quickly asked for the wine that she brought, which the friend gulped with no shame.
Bernard was not impressed at all, he didn't even pitch for the selection round.

The final bachelor 24-year-old was Reitumetse Nagoya, who is a former sales consultant.
He was looking for a beautiful woman with a great body. 
Reitumetse didn’t seem to impressed with Mbali at first, but his friends represented him well though. 
“I don’t know if she’s my type,” he said.

Mbali felt at home with Tumi’s  friends discussing certain things that were not appropriate for family time TV viewing.

The date went very well that Mbali came back for Tumi.

And Mbali's age got tongues wagging too: IOL