Cape Town - 140201 - (L-R) Marc Lottering, Anwar McKay, Tanya NEfdt, Tracey Lange, Avukile Mabambo. J&B Met, Kennilworth. PICTURE: THOMAS HOLDER. REPORTER: ASANDA

By Therese Owen

There was a severe lack of celebrities at this year’s J&B Met in Cape Town on Saturday. This wonderful party generally kicks off the celeb/party calendar in grand style. In years gone by there were fashion shows by Carducci with oodles of great artists like HHP, Lira and Loyiso Bala performing. But as South Africa slides into more and more of a recession pit, budgets have wisely been slashed. Unlike certain elements in government, corporates are not going to fiddle while villages in Tzaneen are burning.

The story apparently also goes like this. For years SABC charged a certain amount of money to broadcast the race and with that came their celebrities like actors from Generations and Isidingo. This year DSTV slipped under the radar and offered broadcasting rights for apparently two thirds less. SABC slunk off with its tail between its legs taking the celebrities with them. DSTV, on the other hand, did not seem to deem it necessary to bring their pack of actors from programmes like Sibaya and Zabalaza.

They just brought down presenters from Vuzu as did SABC. So all it really seemed to be was a media choke fest of presenters interviewing presenters who were in turned photographed by photographers for print media and oh so very dullsville actually.

The only real celebs worth anything was Bongo Maffin star, Stoan Seete who as always, looked hot in a Carducci suit. That man certainly knows how to wear a suit! Then, of course, Maps Maponyane looked so gorgeous in a forest green suit. He makes the girls and the gays want to weep in his presence.

Chester Williams looked bizarre in a black sheikh outfit. He and his wife, Maria were all over the place and certainly seemed to be having a really good time.

Somizi popped in for a few minutes before rushing off to Greenpoint Stadium for the closing ceremony which he was choreographing.

Of course, Cape Town's favourite funnyman, Marc Lottering was such fun to be around. He really knows how to party with irreverent finesse.

However, celebrities or not, the J&B Met is still one of my favourite events on the national calendar. There is no cooler place in the world to be than in Cape Town in February. The weather is perfect. The people are beautiful. The mountain presides over all of us in majestic glory. Plus the event runs like a well oiled machine. J&B’s hospitality is world class with great food, imaginative interior design and a flare for sophistication. Their new broadcasters should come to the party and add to the glamour by bringing in a few of their actors and actresses. In turn, the extra publicity could only bring more glamour to their brands. For once, DSTV could learn from SABC.