Mayhem Miller. Picture: Supplied

Known as the 'Queen of the Party', Mayhem Miller brings more to the table than many can fully stomach. 

You will be forced to come back for seconds and thirds, and for that reason, she has become a staple to the drag and nightlife communities that extends far past the California border and into the international arena beyond.

From her home bar of VIP in Riverside, USA to Oz Nightclub in Adelaide, AU, Mayhem has persevered, not just within the nightlife/drag circuits, but in elevating her performances to the next level. You can now find her at The Laughing Factory in Los Angeles and on Netflix in "Cherry Pop". 

She has worked in outreach for UC Riverside and interviewed for Huffington Post and BuzzFeed. She has been featured in Photography Books and walked down scores of Runways and still finds time to pray and give thanks. The art of female impersonation will never be the same now that Mayhem has, in some ways, literally danced her way through the ranks. 

We search for idols and heroes in sports and academia, but it is in the arts that we are faced with the visceral and introspective. 

Artists like Mayhem Miller fill you with euphoria while still voicing issues in the world that need to be discussed while drawing from both academia and experience. They are political and they are knowledgeable, athletic as they are comedic, but most of all they are real people who have proven that with hard work and just a little bit of magic, anything is possible. “You are all beautiful, and don’t you let NOBODY tell you different.” - Mayhem Miller

Local drag queens at both venues will act as supporting acts giving the South African queens the opportunity to share a stage with an international performer. Zer021 Social Club will see SA Cabaret Legend Kat Gilardi and relative newcomer Livvi Livvi take to the stage and at Babylon – The Joburg Bar you can catch Khalani Fantabisher and duo, Paris Darling and Ally Ooop. 

Manila von Teez and Baba Ganoosh will be the respective club’s Hostesses on the evenings.  The Queens will also be involved in Outreach Programmes and get the opportunity to see our beautiful country, all in the hope of luring more and more of the LGBTQI+ supporting community to our shores.

Event Information:

Cape Town

Venue: Zer021 Social Club

Date: 30 April 2019

Time: Doors open 20:00

Tickets: R160 pre-sale and R220 at the door, limited Meet and Greets at R350 available at Computicket.


Venue: Babylon – The Joburg Bar 

Date: 3 May 2019

Time: Doors open 20:00

Tickets: R150 pre-sale and R250 at the door, limited Meet and Greets at R350 available at Howler.

For more info regarding Babylon JHB contact Adam at [email protected] and for Zer021 Social one can contact Barry Reid at [email protected].