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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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Urban myths and legends get busted

Published Jan 6, 2006


Can you float a boat using ping pong balls? How about setting another kind of boat on fire using solar power?

Will Chinese water torture really drive you crazy? And will a potato in the exhaust cause a car to stall?

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This kind of urban legend and myth is the territory of Mythbusters (8pm Mondays to Fridays, Discovery Channel on DStv).

This has to be one of the most engrossing programmes on the telly at the moment. Visual and special effects experts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are the mythbusters of the title and in each episode they set about either proving or disproving a variety of stories.

Along the way, they build all sorts of machines and contraptions, revel in blowing things up or destroying them, and often end up getting mildy hurt or being exposed to nasty things. Like skunk juice. Or a dead pig in a car.

Good news for fans is that this month there is an extra dose of these two crazy men every Saturday at 8pm. Coming up tomorrow, the outtakes...

Jamie is a rather humourless chap, with a bald head and bristling walrus moustache. He always dresses in a crisp white shirt, black trousers, beret and red sneakers. He is an excellent shot. Adam fools around a lot more. He has orange hair (when he hasn't burned it all off) and a low pain threshold.

In some episodes, Jamie and Adam are joined by the junior mythbusters - Tory, Scottie (who is the hottest chick ever, and she can do anything the boys can) and Christine.

In a recent episode, the mythbusters tackled the story of the scuba diver found burned to death in a tree.

It's a famous story, and has even been used in an episode of CSI. The usual explanation is that the scuba diver was scooped up by a firefighting helicopter and dumped, along with the water, on a forest fire.

The CSI episode had another answer, and so did Jamie and Adam. It turns out there is no way a human can fit inside a Bambi bucket, and neither can one be sucked up by the big helicopters. Myth busted.

I've also learned the best way to get rid of that skunk smell, and that produce (potato, banana or egg) up a car's exhaust does no damage. Sugar in the petrol tank has no discernible effect, although mothballs seem to enhance performance. What will kill a car, though, is bleach in the oil.

Last week, we saw the Ultimate Mythbusters, which pitted Adam and Jamie against each other in a series of tests. So who's the best? You'll have to wait for the repeat.


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