Dillan Oliphant. Picture: Facebook

If you’ve had a dull week and need some cheering up, then the Bat Centre is where you need to be this weekend.  

''The All Star Comedy Jam' brings together the cream of the comedy crop, which means belly aches of laughs for the whole family. 

The bi-monthly comedy showcase aims to offer local comedy lovers a feast of the finest comedy offerings on a regular basis. First on the line-up is Dalin Oliver (CT), Dillan Oliphant (Jhb), Daryl Williams (Dbn) and more.

We caught up with Oliphant to find out more about the show. 

What is Durban in store for at the show? 
Durban audiences are very comedy savvy. They get the nuances and everything. 

What can we expect from you? 
My life and its current state. My comedy is very autobiographical.

Is it anything we’ve heard before? 
Definitely not! I always prepare new material for shows. 

What’s your comedy style?  
My style is one liner-esque. I tell stories, anecdotes about my life and a bit of social commentary.

Your special was aired on TV, how excited are you?  
Very, very excited. Having my special aired on TV was only a dream when I started out but dreams do come true.

Why did you enter into comedy?
Well, I started in 2010...The day Bafana got knocked out, South Africa needed the laughs!

What’s in the pipeline for 2018? 
I will be touring a new show all over the country and will be making more TV appearances. I’m pretty excited.

When working with other comedians on a show, is there any playful rivalry?

Comedians are a quite a supportive bunch. It’s not like hip hop, we not out to outshine each other. We just want to be funny.

Why should Durbanites get a ticket? 
Jokes, Jokes and more jokes. Who can say no to that? * Keith Sweat voice* Nobody.

* The first The All Star Comedy Jam kicks off  on February 2 and 3 February  at the Bat Centre, 45 Maritime Place, Victoria Embankment. Show starts at 8pm. Bookings online, R100 @ Quicket or R130 at the door.