THE launch of the much anticipated French Season in South Africa 2012 happened last night at the Alliance Franchise on Sutton Crescent in Morningside, Durban. The French season is a multi-faceted bilateral collaboration between France and South Africa with the aim to improve the mutual understanding between the people of both countries through cultural, scientific, sport, education and business engagement.

In turn, South Africa will also host a season of theirs in France comprising of authentic South African cultural festivals that will run between May and December 2013.

A selection of art exhibitions, performances, academic events and theatre productions will run in South Africa from June up until November.

The French season kicked off last night with a music concert Fête de la Musique at the Durban City Hall with music by the KZN Philharmonic, guitarist Nibs van der Spuy, Reunionese singer, Davy Sicard and the popular saxophonist and vocalist, Martin Sigamoney. Moreover, between June and August, the Tatham and Durban Art Galleries will exhibit some of the most extraordinary French paintings and works of art. Other captivating events to look out for is the Blue Gene which is a musical exploration with music and lyrics from Brazil, South Africa and France that will feature well known Hip-Hop Flavoured artist, Ewok (Durban, South Africa) and Charles Amblard (France); The Durban International Film Festival with a French focus; The Malala Andrialavidrazan Exhibition at the KZNSA Gallery as well as a special ‘French Days at South African Universities’. If you think it ends there, you couldn’t be more wrong. In addition to these amazing events, there will also be a French Film Festival in S.A at the Musgrave Centre, SterKinekor Cinema; the Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience; the ‘Bridges’ photographic exhibition and more. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get a taste of the French culture first hand by attending these various festivities.

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