Internationally recognised carnatic singer, Karthiegasen Pillay will perform with other musicians this weekend.
Internationally recognised carnatic singer, Karthiegasen Pillay will perform with other musicians this weekend.

Leading SA vocalist Karthiegasen Pillay to perform in KZN this weekend

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published May 17, 2018

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Internationally recognised and South Africa’s leading carnatic vocalist, Karthiegasen Pillay, will render bhajans and kirtans at the Veerabhoga Emperumal Temple in Tongaat on Sunday, May 20 from 1pm.

The cultural event forms part of a fund-raising event for the Mohanji Foundation, a global foundation of spreading peace, and unconditional love.  

After the show, audience will also benefit from an energy-transfer healing.

Energy transfer is an ancient method to remove blockages from chakras and the energy systems in the body. The energy removes blockages that cause suffering. It is a non-denominational blessing and is not dependent on any religion, culture,  belief system etc. 

There is no expectation from the recipient except have an open heart and mind. It simply is a blessing of cosmic energy from the divine that helps you lead a better life.

Pillay, who is excited about performing at the show said there is nothing like the feeling one gets when they are connected to music.

“In the cultural world, music is the quickest way to realisation. Nothing else matters when your mind is focused on singing for the divine.  We have a great show put together for the community by the devotees of the foundation. And together with the students of the Natya Ananda Dance Academy, we are certain audience will be transported into another world for a few hours,” Pillay said.  

Pillay, who has been singing for more than 47 years said this show is all about interacting with the audience.

“It’s culturally oriented and I’m apart of it because I believe that if we all clap our hands together in harmony we can achieve anything. We need to spread love,” he said.

Swami Mohana-Bhaktananda, of the Dattatapovan Ashram explained that the concert serves a trifold purpose.

“Firstly it provides an avenue for connoisseurs of classical music and dance to enjoy the musical renditions of the maestros Shri Karthiegasen Pillay and awe-inspiring dances by the students of Natya Ananda Dance Academy. It is meant to whisk the imagination away to a space of peace, joy, happiness and freedom from the mundane activities of life,” said Bhaktananda.

He added that the concert is also meant to create a platform which encourages the community to break free from karmic blockages, by being in a highly charged spiritual environment.

“The combination of beautiful bhajans and importantly the rare and wonderful opportunity of the Energy transfer blessing will help move blockages and allow a more fuller experience of life. Lastly, the proceeds of this show will be used to repair structural damage and for the maintenance of the Dattatapovan Ashram in Westville. The Dattatapovan Ashram is dedicated to our Guru, Shri Bhramarishi Mohanji, and is the only ashram of this kind in the world. It is affiliated to the international spiritual organization called The Mohanji Foundation,” he said.  

He said communities should attend the show because of the amazing lineup

“Accompanying Karthigasen Pillay are artists like Kirthan Pillay on Mridangam, Parusha Naidoo playing the Thabla, Vanessa Pillay on the Harmonium and Stanley Govindsamy on Percussion. These are amazing performers that always leave the audience with a sense of wonder and happiness. The show aims at activating a sense of divine inspiration and will provide a boost of energy we all require to achieve our own personal ambitions,” said Bhaktananda.

* Tickets are R50 and are available at the door of the Veerabhoga Emperumal Temple in Tongaat. Or contact Prathiba on 081 547 1551. The show starts at 1pm.

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