Peru and Bala.

WHETHER you’ve listened to them on Lotus FM, read their comic strips on the radio station’s website or or, like me, if you have a copy of their CD, “The Uncles” (Peru and Bala) keep you in stitches.

From the shenanigans between them and their wives, Pathma and Savithree, to their grandchildren Nine-Boy and Nine-Boy – yes, they have the same names, which often makes for some comical dialogue between the two – this comical duo have an array of funny stories to tell.

Now team them up with someone like Karou Charou – who’s also developed a reputation for telling some funny jokes based largely on Indian culture – and I’m not quite sure what to expect.

You see, the uncles are pretty clean in their story-telling, while Karou… well, to give you just one example, he’s toured a show called Kama Sutra – Sex and the Charou.

To find out exactly how it is going to pan out, Tonight caught up with the show’s promoter, Sagren Moodley, of Box-Office Promotions.

“Peru and Bala have been entertaining audiences for over 30 years. Karou Charou in comparison is a new kid on the block, but one who has also captured the imagination of the Indian audience.

“As a promoter, I always look for acts that will appeal to my target market. Combining the hottest acts on the Indian circuit was actually a no-brainer.”

Moodley said the format of the show would see Karou Charou opening and then bringing Peru and Bala on. The finale may see Karou Charou doing a set with the uncles, but Moodley wouldn’t say too much about that.

“Because it’s a family show, targeted at the Indian market, Karou will touch on issues that the audience can relate to such as arranged marriages, forbidden relationships, sugars, mafia teddy, fireworks and so on.

“The uncles will touch on a range of issues ranging from ‘live chicken curry’ to Nkandla,” Moodley says.

Now with Karou known for being no-holds-barred when it comes to language and sexual innuendo, and with this being promoted as a family show, we had to know how the promoters planned to keep Karou on a short leash.

“The uncles have used their influence and have managed to secure a sponsorship from Jik, and they will ensure that Karou rinses his mouth thoroughly before each show,” joked Moodley, before adding: “On a serious note, though, Karou relishes the opportunity to show that he does not rely on foul language to entertain. The audience need to come prepared as they will definitely play a big part in the show.”

According to a press release the alter egos Peru and Bala were conceptualised in 1999 by Ray Maharaj and Vikash Mathura, with Peru portrayed by Maharaj and Bala by Mathura.

Peru and Bala are two 72-year-old men who share their weekly experiences and antics with Lotus FM listeners.

Karou Charou has resigned from “stand-up” comedy – apparently to appease comedy critics – and now specialises in his own style of comedy, which he calls “sit-down” comedy.

• You can catch Peru, Bala and Karou Charou from February 8 to 10 in:

Chatsworth (The Odean, February 8, tickets available at B Nagiah’s branches, Pelican Pharmacy in Bayview and Cell C at the Chatsworth Centre) Phoenix (Stanmore Hall, February 9, tickets at B Nagiah’s at Gem City, Cell C at the Phoenix Plaza and Gateway)

Tongaat (Tongaat Town Hall, February 10, tickets at Johnny’s Jewellers and Cell C at Ballito Lifestyle Centre)

Tickets R100 at the outlets, R120 at the door and Computicket. Call 031 402 1142/403 9527