The LGBTQI+ community colours fly high during the Human Rights Day commemoration in Pretoria. Picture: File Photo

Joburg Pride is set to take place on October 26 but is facing backlash for not having enough queer people of colour (QPOC) represented. 

This comes after the annual Pride festival announced that the headlining acts for this year would be Locnville and Sketchy Bongo. 

Many Twitter users from the LGBTQI+ community pointed out that the problematic nature of having cisgender heterosexual men with no links to the queer community headlining the festival.

Including prominent transgender model Elle Rose and local drag performer Baba Ganoosh, real name Wassim Simo. 

In an Instagram exchange with the official Joburg Pride Instagram account, Rose brought up the issue of having three cisgender heterosexual men headlining Pride and they responded saying: 

"Tell you what. Before you rant your brains out on social media do yourself a favor and ask these "big queer artists" why they're not interested in performing on the Pride stage. There is only so much we as organisers can do. And lastly, these artists were sponsored to us by a music company. 

"The ONLY artists that were interested as every single other artist said no. Why would we punt 'queer' artists if they themselves don't support the community???? At the end of the day we are all human. And the bashing of twins is not acceptable since they support pride more than 'queer'artists do 5s."

Baba Ganoosh then received a personal message from Kaye Ally, Chair of Johannesburg Pride, after she spoke on radio regarding Pride in general needing more QPOC representation and having more young people involved. In the message Ally attacked Baba Ganoosh for her comments and stated that she would refuse to work with the drag performer in future. 

Other Twitters also posted the responses they received from the official Joburg Pride Twitter with many members of the queer community being blocked my their account.